Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, August 20, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener phone calls with Jeff Blair

  • Blair asks whether callers think John Farrell should get a contract extension from the Blue Jays
  • The majority of callers believe he should

5pm hour – Jeff Blair (host of the Jeff Blair Show, FAN590, Globe and Mail sports columnist) hosting, Dave Perkins (retired Toronto Star sports writer) co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment about Augusta National allowing women, Kelly Gruber, John Farrell

  • Perkins points out the hypocrisy of Augusta wanting to grow the game of golf among “boys and girls” while banning 50% of the population
  • Perkins talks about how much he loves the British Open because people in Scotland understand and love the game of golf
  • Discussion about the similarities between former Blue Jay Kelly Gruber and Brett Lawrie
  • Discussion about whether the Jays should offer Farrell a contract extension, Perkins vaguely hints that he doesn’t like the way Farrell manages
  • Perkins believes the Jays should keep Farrell simply to avoid constant manager turnover

Second segment: Interview with Gary Apple, SportsNet New York Anchor

  • Blair asks Apple about the controversy on the Jets about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez
  • Apple believes you can win with Mark Sanchez but not with Tim Tebow, blames the offensive line for Sanchez’s lack of success
  • Apple fears that the pressure will be on the Jets to play Tebow if Sanchez starts to lose, giving Sanchez no leeway to make a mistake
  • Apple doesn’t believe that this is an issue in the locker room for the moment
  • Blair asks about Santonio Holmes’ injury, Apple thinks that the next pre-season game will be important in letting the Jets know if he can play
  • Perkins asks Apple why the Jets traded for Tebow, Apple thinks 1) they want media attention 2) they want to push Sanchez to perform 3) Tebow is a decent backup QB

Third segment: Talk segment about former Blue Jays third baseman, Kelly Gruber

  • Blair informs us that they were going to interview Gruber but they can’t reach him
  • Discussion of his impact on the 1992 Blue Jays
  • Perkins shares his stories about the 1992 Blue Jays


6pm hour – Jeff Blair hosting, Dave Perkins co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Jon Paul Morosi, baseball reporter for FOX Sports

  • Blair asks about Stephen Strasburg being shut down, Morosi thinks the Nationals are gambling that they will have more chances to win a World Series in the future
  • Perkins asks if the Nationals babying Strasburg in the past contributed to his limited innings this year, Morosi believes this is true
  • Blair says he likes the Pirates to make the playoffs, Morosi believes it’ll come down to their pitching
  • Discussion of the Texas Rangers and how Blair and Morosi have concerns about the team

Second segment: Interview with Don Banks, Football reporter for Sports Illustrated

  • Banks is surprised that the Bills released Shawne Merriman because he had heard positive things about him during pre-season
  • Banks doesn’t think many teams will be interested in Merriman
  • Blair asks whether Bills QB Ryan Fitzgerald will play more like he did in the first half or second half of last season, Banks believes the first half is the real deal
  • Banks isn’t surprised that the Titans are going with Jake Locker rather than Matt Hasselbeck
  • Blair asks if the Browns will trade Colt McCoy, Banks believes they will and that the Packers are interested

Third segment: Interview with Kelly Gruber, former third basemen for the Toronto Blue Jays

  • Gruber likes the way Brett Lawrie plays
  • Perkins thinks Gruber was aggressive but wasn’t reckless as a player, Gruber disagrees
  • Gruber talks about Joe Carter


I thought Blair and Perkins made a pretty good team, though Perkins seemed uncomfortable when Blair was doing his “hip and with it” thing.  Blair’s shout of “SWEE-EEET” at the end when Perkins said he’d be back tomorrow was annoying.

I enjoyed listening to Perkins talk about golf, and I thought he had a good insight (that’s also in his column) about the hypocrisy forcing Augusta National to change its policy.  It’s something that a lot of other people may not have put together.  I was disappointed that Perkins vaguely touched on his issues with Farrell, but never elaborated on them.  I have heard very little criticism of Farrell in the media, and it would be refreshing if somebody who didn’t like him said why.  It’s not that I think there SHOULD be criticism, but if there is, I’m curious what it is.

The Banks and Morosi interviews were very informative, and I enjoyed listening to their thoughts.  It’s nice to have another voice on baseball besides Ken Rosenthal.  Perkins asks few questions, but I think when he does, they’re good ones.  In general, I think Perkins is pretty caught up on a lot of sports and makes a good co-host.  When he tells stories, they’re interesting and so far, I haven’t heard him repeat any.

The Kelly Gruber interview was pretty meaningless and didn’t focus on the topic they originally had him on to discuss (Brett Lawrie).

Gary Apple’s interview was extremely interesting for me, and it was nice to hear a New Yorker’s perspective on the quarterback controversy in New York.  He really doesn’t seem to think much of Tim Tebow’s skills.

I think I prefer Blair taking calls than Bob, because Blair gives the callers a topic and it’s more interesting than just having the usual callers who rant about how the Blue Jays won’t spend money.

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