Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, August 21, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener phone calls with Jeff Blair

  • Blair asks callers about what they think of Roger Clemens comeback
  • One caller rants about the Blue Jays and Blair cuts him off because it’s off topic
  • At the end, another caller calls in to rant about the Blue Jays
  • Blair thinks Rogers should spend more money on the Jays payroll and will spend that money

5pm hour – Jeff Blair hosting, Dave Perkins co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment about Roger Clemens

  • Blair and Perkins talk about Roger Clemens’ comeback
  • Perkins thinks the younger baseball writers care less about steroids in baseball than the older writers
  • Discussion of Roger Clemens’ personality
  • Blair asks if Perkins would sign Clemens if he were the Jays, Perkins says no
  • Discussion about the best pitchers Blair and Perkins have watched play, Perkins says his top 3 are Bob Gibson, Greg Maddox and Roger Clemens

Second Segment: Interview with Christine Brennan, sports reporter for USA Today

  • Brennan believes Augusta allowing 2 women into its membership is a good step, thinks it will inspire girls and children of color to play golf
  • Brennan agrees with Perkins that the issue turned this year when the hypocrisy of Augusta wanting to “grow the game” was brought up by journalists
  • Brennan talks about the history of the issue and how she was alone in questioning the men only policy back in 1999
  • Generally, Brennan seems very happy about this turn of events

Third Segment: Interview with Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated legal analyst

  • Blair asks if junior hockey players are considered salaried workers and therefore can unionize, McCann says that it’s an issue because there’s an argument that a stipend doesn’t count as being salaried
  • Perkins asks if there’s a difference between an association and a union, McCann says that there are small differences that don’t apply to this situation
  • Blair says that people need to move past the idea that the CHL is a “mom and pop operation”, McCann agrees and elaborates on how much money they make
  • McCann says it’s telling how much coaches, owners and managers make in junior hockey and is indicative of how much money the industry makes
  • Blair thinks players should be paid the value of a US scholarship
  • McCann discusses the issue of NCAA players trying to get compensation for the use of their likenesses in video games, talks about the legal exceptions the NCAA have to not pay players and the restrictions on student athletes to be able to unionize

6pm hour: Jeff Blair hosting, Dave Perkins co-hosting

First Segment: Talk segment about the CHL players unionizing and the Toronto Blue Jays

  • Georges Laraque was supposed to be interviewed, but cannot be reached
  • Blair and Perkins discuss the Detroit/Toronto rivalry in baseball
  • Discussion of the CHL players unionizing
  • Discussion of Brett Lawrie, Blair believes he should be rested for as long as the Jays believe he needs, is worried about the way Lawrite plays leading to more injuries
  • Perkins is impressed by Adeiny Hechavarria’s play

Second segment: Talk segment about John Farrell, Interview with Mike Wilner, host of Jays Talk on the FAN590

  • Perkins and Blair discuss John Farrell as manager, Perkins wonders who would want to manage the dysfunctional Red Sox
  • Blair says there’s speculation that the angels will fire Mike Scioscia and hire Terry Francona and the Red Sox will hire Scioscia as their manager
  • Wilner arrives!
  • Wilner suggests that John Farrell’s statements hint that Lawrie is not being honest about how much pain he feels and the Jays are annoyed
  • Discussion about Ricky Romero, Blair thinks Romero will forget about this season when it’s over, Perkins thinks he’ll beat himself up for the next 4 months
  • Discussion of Roger Clemens’ comeback
  • Discussion about Adeiny Hechavarria, Wilner thinks he will play second base next year because you can’t ask Escobar to play second base

Third Segment: Interview with Kevin Wilk, lead rehabiliation specialist for Dr. James Andrews

  • Blair asks about Stephen Strasburg being shut down early, Wilk says that a pitchers body adapts to the routine of pitching and worries about how shutting down a healthy pitcher early will affect his body’s adaptation
  • Wilk says that there’s been a lot more Tommy John surgeries done now than 15-20 years ago
  • Wilk talks about the usefulness and limitations of bio mechanical analysis


I’ve noticed that the opening talk segment is usually shorter when Jeff Blair hosts than when Bob hosts.  Usually the opening segment is around 18-20 minutes with Bob (sometimes as long as 22 minutes) while for Blair, today it was 15 minutes.  I like the shorter segment because it allows more time to space out the interviews, and the final segment wasn’t the 7 minute stump it sometimes turns into.

Perkins and Blair ended up talking a lot because of cancellations and Mike Wilner being late, and I thought they did a good job filling time.  They have good chemistry, and Blair is smart enough to just ask Perkins questions and let Perkins fill with stories and analysis.

The Brennan interview was a bit boring.  Mostly, it was her just talking about what a good thing Augusta allowing women into its membership is.  I would have preferred a discussion about the issues Tim and Sid brought up on their show, namely, whether allowing two extremely wealthy politically connected women is really much progress.

The McCann interview was really interesting and McCann clearly has a lot to say about the subject of junior hockey players and college athletes being paid.  I thought a lot of good points were made, and I learned a lot about the legal aspects of the subject.

The Wilk interview was also very enlightening and educational.

The two guys who called into Blair just to rant about the Blue Jays not spending money made my day.  It’s amazing just how much anger there is among certain Blue Jays fans about this, even in a season the Blue Jays have a perfectly legitimate excuse to not make the playoffs.

All in all, a decent show given all the cancellations.  Perkins is really interesting to listen to and I enjoy listening to Blair ask his opinion on things and letting him run with it.


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