Reading Tweets?


If I were to give a mid-season award to most improved radio personality in Toronto sports media, I’d give the award to Jeff Sammut. Not so long ago Sammut was best known as the voice over go for the now defunct Stellick and Landry morning show. Well, countless hours of over-night radio has lead to some good on air experience and he has become a solid host well worth listening to.

Why bring that up?

Well, this morning on my drive in to work he was in for Jeff Blair, who is in for McCown and he was talking baseball, Blue Jays baseball and of course Ricky Romero. Near the end of the segment, Sammut did what so many on air folks are doing these days, asking for and then reading tweets on the air.

Long time ago hosts asked people to use email to engage in non- telephonic conversation while on the air. Today it’s more about 140 character dialogues.

Personally, I was never a fan of email being read on the air, and for some reason I didn’t think that reading people’s tweets on the air was very meaningful either.

Before you call my a hypocrite, I will admit that I often respond to questions or topics posted on twitter my media hosts. However, when I do so, I will admit, I am never listening to their show live on the air. In that sense it’s away to remain involved or tuned in without really listening in. I never respond thinking that my response will be read on the air, or at least I never respond with that in mind.

So, as you are all radio nuts, do you like the reading of tweets or am I right, it’s a waste of time.

BTW, what’s your favorite Sammut voice over? 🙂


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