Has Rogers Bought The Score?


Lots of moving parts here, but all signs seem to suggest that if the ink isn’t dry it’s certainly damn close.

I dont have a good enough read on the price however I am told it is likely closer to $125m-$150m then it is to $200m

I am told that there is going to be a lot of layoffs, like nearly everyone so that is a factor in terms of price too.

I am told that at least a couple of folks on the soccer side have already jumped ship over to Sportnet. This follows the departure of Brandon Dunlop who already began a career over at Sportsnet.

Several insiders are telling me that folks like Greg Sansone, Cam Stewart, Renee Paquette aren’t part of the plans over at Rogers. Again this isn’t confirmed, but it’s what’s being bandied abound to me from various sources.

Similarly, Kristian Jack and James Sharman ARE apparently NOT going to be out of jobs for very long.

Also apparently many of the upper-level management were MIA from the office today too.

Without exception every source I spoke to who used to work at the Score has expressed deep sadness at the news that the good independent ship has been swallowed up.

However every single person I spoke with has said the same thing, it’s long over due.

It’s quite sad to think what exactly Rogers is buying; a shell of what was once an exciting player in the space. The network will most certainly abandon the space they rent downtown ( it doesn’t sound like they own the building). The brand has been totally diminished down to next to nothing in my opinion. They are buying a licensed bandwidth, an app and a some bad will in having to layoff a bunch of people. Honestly, there really isn’t much left there anymore.

A wise man has guessed that the Score will become the Rogers version of headline sports. I think that probably makes a lot of sense.

For those who are effected and now out of work, I hope you are gainfully employed soon. It’s a sad day for what was once a proud network.

More as I get it.


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