Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, August 30, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Elliotte Friedman hosting

First segment: Interview with Jonah Keri, baseball writer for

  • Keri talks about his memories of the Expos leaving Montreal, and his feelings back then
  • Keri talks about his new book about the Montreal Expos
  • Friedman asks Keri his opinion on the Blue Jays, Keri says that some players need to play beter next year and that Alex Anthopoulos will hopefully spend money to augment the team
  • Friedman asks if there are any advanced metrics that can give fans hope about the Blue Jays, Keri says that the youth of the team is a positive thing
  • Friedman asks if it’s worth it to overpay players, Keri says that baseball is different from other sports because there’s so much revenue coming in and being shared that you will make up the money you spend on a player

Second segment: Scott Moore, President of Broadcast Media for Rogers Media, Kevin Martin, professional curler

  • Moore and Martin are announcing that Rogers bought the rights to the Grand Slam of Curling
  • Martin says that this is big for the growth of the sport and the younger players
  • Moore says that they’re hoping to turn the curling circuit from 3 or 4 events to 6 to 8 events and make it a real league
  • Moore talks about how happy he is to have CBC involved in a partnership to show curling, says that curling will get a higher profile in Canada now since Rogers will put more curling content on the FAN590 and Sportsnet Magazine

5pm hour – Elliotte Friedman hosting, Arash Madani co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Friedman and Madani discuss the effects of a possible lockout on players, their families, and arena workers and media people
  • Friedman says that the league is annoyed at Anton Thun for saying he doesn’t think the deadline for a deal is the deadline the NHL set
  • Discussion about how long the lockout will go

Second segment: Intereview with Paul Anderson, site owner of

  • Friedman asks how Anderson started doing this, Anderson said it started as an attempt to break into sports law
  • Anderson talks about the NFL filing a motion to dismiss, saying that the players have no right to sue them in court, have to go through CBA procedures, says it will drag out the court case
  • Friedman asks what the chances are that the NFL will be successful, Anderson says he believes the players will be able to move forward, but says the NFL has been very successful in the past in having cases dismissed on those grounds
  • Ultimately, Anderson believes it’ll be close, but the players will be able to proceed with their case
  • Friedman asks why this couldn’t happen in the NHL, Anderson says that it’s because the NFL had doctors who created fake science to hide the effects of conscussions, why the NHL hasn’t
  • Madani asks if the players may go after the equipment companies too, Anderson says half of the lawsuits do name the helmet company in the suit
  • Friedman asks how devestating a loss could be the NFL, Anderson says that they could be facing billions in damages, and that some of their insurers are balking at the possibility of paying some of the losses
  • Anderson thinks that even if the players don’t win, the lawsuit has already brought awareness of the concussion issue to the public

Third segment: Interview with Tom Tebbutt, co-host of Aces, FAN590

  • Tebbutt talks about Milos Raonic’s second round match at the US Open, isn’t concerned about Raonic struggling in the first round, says players take time to warm up
  • Friedman asks Tebbutt about what Andy Roddick’s upcoming announcement is about, Tebbutt thinks it’ll be about his 30th birthday, pulling out of the tournament or promoting his charity
  • Madani says he was stunned by Tsonga’s loss, Tebbutt says that it’s just as simple as Tsonga just not having it today

6pm hour – Elliotte Friedman hosting, Arash Madani co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Neil Smith, former NHL general manager

  • Smith thinks an NHL/NHLPA deal will be reached by American Thanksgiving because players will have lost a month of pay and they will cave
  • Smith doesn’t like the long deals teams are signing players to now, points out that they never work out
  • Smith believes the Oilers will eventually become a powerhouse because they have stockpiled so much young talent through high draft picks, criticizes the Maple Leafs for refusing to ever tear down the team and finish last for a few years

Second segment: Interview with Steve Tambellini, general manager of the Edmonton Oilers

  • Neil Smith stays in studio to interview Tambellini
  • Madani asks how hard it is to stick to the plan where there are so many voices and pressures to succeed now, Tambellini says it was important to have everybody on board and know where in the rebuilding cycle you are
  • Madani asks where in the cycle the Oilers are, Tambellini says that he thinks their goal this year should be to make the playoffs

Third segment: Interview with Stephen Hart, head coach of Canada’s men’s national soccer team

  • Madani asks Hart what the team needs to have to work on to finish off games, Hart says they just have to stick to what they do well and play to their strengths
  • Madani asks if there’s any player he thinks can help spark the offense, Hart says he doesn’t care who scores
  • Friedman points out that Hart has some experienced players on his team, Hart says he doesn’t care what the age of players on the team are
  • Hart gives a rundown of what the team needs to do to prepare for Panama


Lots of interviews today.  I suspect that the listener calls segment was cancelled because of Sportsnet wanting to get Moore on to talk about the curling deal.

I enjoyed the Keri interview, and I wish he would be on Prime Time more often.  Hopefully, during the playoffs he will be, since he was on quite a bit last year during the playoffs.  I especially liked his analysis of the baseball marketplace and how teams make up their money through national TV deals and the revenue split.

I thought the interview with Paul Anderson was by far the most interesting part of the show, and it was very informative.  Anderson really seemed to know his stuff and had answers to all of Friedman and Madani’s questions.

Neil Smith was so uninformative.  He told us that players don’t like losing paycheques, long term contracts are ridiculous, and that getting lots of high draft picks leads to success.  None of these things are ground breaking opinions, and he didn’t even give much to back up his opinions.

I found the Hart interview frustrating because it was like he was trying his best not to answer questions.  Just about every question was answered with generic “we need to work harder” answers, or that he doesn’t care who scores or how old the team is.  I don’t think I learned anything about the Canadian men’s national team at all.  He kept saying stuff like that they need to keep doing what they do, but doesn’t elaborate what that is.

The Moore interview was just a big advertisement for Rogers getting the rights to the Grand Slam of Curling.  I suppose it is news to a degree, but the entire interview was basically Moore telling happy stories about the future of curling under Rogers.

In general, I found the show a mixed bag.  Some of the interviews were really strong, but the a few were really uninformative. :\  I do think Friedman and Madani are working better as a team though, and I think Madani asks great questions.  I continue to be impressed by the job he’s doing as a co-host.

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