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Happy Labour/Labor Day!!

So, I’ve been thinking about this topic ever since Bob Ryan retired from the Boston Globe.

More so in the USA than in Canada but, the natural progression for athletes when retiring is to somehow get in front of either a camera or a microphone. There are too many names to mention, but tune into almost any MLB, NBA or NFL game and you are almost certain to find a former athlete as part of the on air team. That’s not to say it isn’t happening in Canada, it certainly does too.

The same can be said of radio hosts. Not so much in Toronto, but numerous retired players become radio “talent” in the world of sports.

The one media vertical I don’t think this happens on a regular basis is print, I can’t think of a retired player who has gone on to a regular role as a writer.

In each area of the media we have experienced, educated/trained “talent”, of varying backgrounds. You will find in each market, the good, the bad and the ugly.

My question for you is what makes a good modern day sports media personality. Does the person’s background matter to you in evaluating their on air on print capabilities? Do you care that they never played the game as a pro? Does a good sense of humor or a great voice mask inexperience? Does someone who does a ton of homework, comes to work super-prepared cross out the fact that he never played in the bigs? If you were going to have one prerequisite to becoming a sports journalist today, what would it be?

Happy summer long weekend!!


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