Tuesday Toronto Sports Media Ramblings


Did you happen to catch any PTS this evening?

I’ll admit it, I didn’t hear all of it, but what I heard was damn good radio. Jonah Keri with McCown was fascinating. Keri is writing a book and McCown, a baseball fan first was genuinely interested and when he is, his work is at it’s best.

The best part of the show was when former Fan PD Nelson Millman was on. It was as good as all those segments years back when Millman would sit with McCown and take calls. Like two old buddies talking about the good old days. It’s well worth listening to. They talk about the early years at the station and the part of the old Team network is must listen radio.

As I posted on twitter today, the fact that the Fan has stuck around for 20 years is nothing short of amazing, a real testament to those who ran the station and those who worked there.

So MLSE took the safe road and hired Tom Anselmi to replace Richard Peddie. Anselmi appears to be the complete opposite of Peddie. However will the results be any different? It seems to me that in promoting Anselmi, MLSE has done nothing more than keeping the status quo. Imagine if MLSE were to replace Brian Burke with Dave Nonis. Would you expect anything to change? You’ve seen how Anselmi has done with TFC, and he learned under Peddie, the master of making money. Do you expect anything to change?

Jeff Blair doesn’t.

“but he’s good enough that he won’t interfere with the raison d’être of MLSE: continuing to make money hand over fist the way his predecessor, Richard Peddie, did for all those years.

And here you thought it was all about winning.”

Well, the Blue Jays season can’t end fast enough for any of us can it? The annual wait until next season articles are surely coming, complete with all the reasons for hope right? Well Richard Griffin is kicking things off for us:

“The Jays have 27 games remaining in a season spiralling out of control. Destined for a win total in the 70s, the truth is the season can’t end soon enough for senior management and for a fan base that began the year in love with everything Blue Jays, but ended it believing nothing has changed.”

What a @#@!#@! show. A season filled with so much hope will end with way more questions than when it began. For the boy wonder GM or the sockless president, that can’t be a good thing. Honestly, would you buy tickets given what’s gone on?

Yes, i am aware of all the injuries. The problem is there are no guarantees that any of those who went down will ever recover again.

“The Jays, if they don’t act quickly this winter, are in danger of squandering all the goodwill and enthusiasm they generated through the first three months of the season. When the World Series concludes, Anthopoulos must act quickly, bidding for at least one young, talented free-agent pitcher. He must make a significant trade for an outfield bat before or during the winter meetings.

The GM has already indicated he is willing to overpay in a trade with some of his inventory. Fans will not buy season tickets unless there is an early signing of consequence.”

Honestly Jays fans, what would it take, yes name names, to get you legitimately excited enough to buy tickets to next years Jays games (and I don’t mean 1 or 3 games), I mean a real serious commitment, season tickets, or partial?

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