Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, September 5, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener calls with Bob McCown

  • People really enjoyed the history of sports radio talk from yesterday
  • Some callers comment about the Jays and spending, Bob explains to them the strategy that Alex has to build up before spending

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Ken Rosenthal was supposed to be on but he’s unreachable (spoiler warnings: he was sleeping)
  • Bob and Cox talk about a variety of subjects inclusing Sportsnet One and curling
  • Scott Moore pops in and chats

Second segment: Interview with Buddy Nix, General Manager of the Buffalo Bills

  • Bob asks if the excitement around the Bills bothers Nix, Nix says it doesn’t, is optimistic about his team
  • Cox wonders what went wrong with Vince Young, Nix says that Young could be a great quarterback if an offense is built around him
  • Nix says that Young has great talent and did everything he was asked to do, says his attitude was not the problem, just not a good fit
  • Bob asks if the Bills will play more man than zone because they have a young corner and it might help to play more zone, Nix says that they are not concerned about that

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Cox interrupt each other about tennis, Bob thinks Raonic has hit his ceiling, Cox disagrees

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Ryan, semi-retired sports writer for the Boston Globe

  • Bob asks Ryan about the rumors of the Red Sox having interest in Blue Jays’ manager, John Farrell, Ryan says they love Farrell,  but thinks that they should go after Tony LaRussa
  • Ryan goes into detail about the issues in the clubhouse, and how Bobby Valentine has mishandled things
  • Bob asks if it’s possible that Francona returns to the Red Sox, Ryan doesn’t think so because the bridges are too burned
  • Ryan gives a Boston view of the coming NHL lockout, says that Boston is the best hockey city in the US

Second segment: Interview with Alan Eagleson, former head of the NHLPA, former NHL agent

  • Bob asks who was the best player for Canada in the 72 series, Eagleson says Phil Esposito
  • Eagleson talks about being banned from the Summit Series reunion, suspects the resistance is coming from a few certain players
  • Eagleson thinks that Gary Bettman cares the least about Canada of any of the NHL heads
  • Post-interview, Bob and Cox discuss whether or not Eagleson should be forgiven by the players, both agree that they can’t decide since they weren’t affected

Third segment: Don Banks, Football reporter for Sports Illustrated

  • Banks thinks that the Eagles will win the NFC East, and the Cowboys and Giants will miss out by a game or two
  • Bob asks if a poor season in Dallas will lead to the end of the Tony Romo era, Banks says it’s unlikely because their losses are not entirely his fault
  • Banks thinks the Houston Texans will win the AFC and be in the Super Bowl against Green Bay


I finished this show thinking “you know, this was actually pretty fun to listen to” but then when I re-listened to write the details of the review, I realized that it’s because I finished off listening to the final hour, and forgot just how bad the second hour was.  Buddy Nix cut out twice, so most of the hour was actually just Cox and Bob talking.  The Nix interview wasn’t even good because he just gave typical platitudes about how good his team is.

Cox was doing his usual thing, making fun of Bob and Moore, and telling Moore to act like an adult, which is funny coming from him.  The tennis “discussion” at the end was horrible.  In a change of pace, Bob interrupted Cox, and just changed the topic, and we never found out just what Cox was going to say about Raonic being like Roddick.

I know that there are probably a lot of people fuming about how easy Bob took it on Eagleson, but I kind of enjoyed that interview.  Eagleson is pretty charismatic, even though I know he’s a crook.  I liked that Bob said that while he is okay with Eagleson, he isn’t the one harmed by him, so he can’t blame people for not wanting him at the reunions.  Too often, I see people unable to recognize that not being a victim gives you the privilege to be able to look at a person who has harmed others and say “he seems all right to me!”

Bob Ryan was fun to listen to and I found his suggestion of pulling LaRussa out of retirement intriguing.  Bob (McCown) didn’t go into how much he hates LaRussa this time.  Usually, he rants about LaRussa turning a blind eye to the doping in the As clubhouse.

Anyway, I don’t have many other thoughts on this show.  The second hour was horrible, but the third was actually pretty decent and I enjoyed it.

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