Should The Blue Jays Extend John Farrell?


“Except that’s really not the answer. What the Blue Jays should have done by now is told Farrell they want to extend his contract by two more years. If he doesn’t want to do it? Move on. Get somebody else.”

That from Jeff Blair in the Globe and Mail.

Blair raises some interesting points as the Blue Jays head into Boston with their manager about to enter, gulp, the last year of his contract. The ill fated, in sports only, lame duck coach.

The foes say that Farrell hasn’t done much in the term he hasn’t been here.

The pros say that he has done as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

The cynics say, Ron Wilson got extended, how the hell do you not extend Farrell.

Despite some tongue in cheek, I think Blair raises an interesting point, would Farrell sign the extension if given the opportunity. Perhaps the Jays have asked and he punted. I don’t know. I suspect only a few people do.

The Blue Jays brass strike me as being people people and as such they will take care of their man if he is what they want.

So Blue Jays fans, would you extend him?

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted keeping up with all the coverage of the ongoing negotiations in the NHL CBA talks.

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