Is All That’s Missing In NHL Talks Motivation?


Very interesting take on the rather pathetic state of the NHL labor talks by Michael Grange this evening:

“The frustrating thing for everyone watching is that the bones of a deal could honestly be hammered out over coffee if the two sides were motivated”

The players, they’d have us believe just want to play. The owners just want the players to play too. Both sides just want a fair deal.

3. something billion in revenue and two brilliant lawyers could figure it out if only they were motivated to do so……

Grange is bang on in his advice to the fans:

“Don’t believe a word either side says. Each have long ago abandoned any pretence of being sincere, killing common sense in the name of their own precious self interest. They didn’t even bother to destroy the evidence.”

So true….

Siding with the players?

“They’ve had ample opportunity to negotiate in the past year once Fehr consolidated his position as executive director. They have passed on every last one of them. The charade of meetings and informal talks in the past two months has been to provide the appearance of negotiating without actually moving toward a deal.”

It’s nice to hear it called like it is.

As for the owners?

“The owners at least have been honest in their goals, if ham-handed in their methods. This action led by Bettman is about nothing more than cutting their wage bill from 57 per cent of HRR to something dramatically less.”

I think that’s true. Many people hate what the owners are asking for, but they’ve been consistent in their demands.

Not taking sides, but it is what it is.

The only truth is that it’s going to be some time before this is settled.

It’s pretty sad if Grange is right though and all that is missing is a little bit of motivation.


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