Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, September 11, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener calls with Bob McCown

  • A couple of calls are about how Bob feels about Gary Bettman, one of the callers feels that Bob makes things too personal, Bob hangs up on him
  • Final call complains about Canadians who cheer for other teams in soccer, Bob agrees that you should only wave one flag

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Doug MacLean, Sportsnet hockey insider

  • Bob, Brunt and MacLean banter about what MacLean’s been doing in Newfoundland
  • MacLean again repeats that only 9 teams in the NHL make money no matter what and 15 teams are losing money
  • MacLean believes that it would be incredible bad faith if the NHL owners rolled back the length of contracts that they just signed in the off-season

Second segment: Interview with Ken Rosenthal, baseball reporter for FOX Sports

  • Rosenthal believes that the Jays should extort all they can out of the Red Sox for John Farrell
  • Bob again wonders why the Jays need to feel any pressure to trade Farrell, Rosenthal says that if Farrell wants to leave the Jays can’t have a lame duck manager who will leave at the end of next season
  • Bob and Rosenthal agree that whatever happens, Farrell is in an excellent position to bargain with the Blue Jays over his next contract

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob again says that soccer fans should only wave one flag, Brunt says it’ll be different if Canada makes the World Cup, Bob says that he believes they will cheer for other countries to beat Canada
  • A tangent involving Vikings and Romans ensues

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bill Polian, former Vice-Chairman of the Indianpolis Colts

  • Polian says there’s an issue with depth for every team in the league, Brunt asks if this is because of cap reasons, Polian says that’s part of it, but another part is that there are so many teams in the league stretching out the talent pool
  • Bob asks if Polian would have taken Robert Griffin III instead of Andrew Luck if he had been in charge of the Colts, Polian says that he loves Griffin III but that he doesn’t have all the information that the Colts have, so he can’t say
  • Bob asks what Polian thought of Peyton Manning on Sunday, Polian says that Manning looked good and more athletic than he’s been before
  • Polian says that last season did not prove that the Colts were a 2-14 team all along without Manning, but that Manning makes everybody better and will make the Broncos better

Second segment: Interview with Bruce Boudreau, head coach of the Anaheim Ducks

  • Boudreau recounts his memories of September 11th, being scheduled to be on Flight 175 and finding out his friends died on it
  • Bob asks Boudreau what the long term impact on him was, Boudreau says he doesn’t fear flying, but that every year on September 11 chills and emotions run through him, and that he feels blessed and guilty for feeling blessed
  • Bob asks if head coaches are “one of them” with the players, or the enemy, when it comes to the NHL lockout, Boudreau says that nobody brings it up when the players and coaches are together
  • Brunt asks what Boudreau is supposed to do when the players are practicing with each other, and if he watches, Boudreau says he’s not allowed by the club to watch them practice, thinks the players will lose their enthusiasm to practice if the season doesn’t start

Third segment: Interview with Dave Mahler, radio host on KJR Seattle Sports Radio

  • Mahler believes Seattle can support a hockey team and has a lot of hockey fans
  • Mahler says the first key is to get an NBA team back in Seattle, and then get an NHL team in the arena, but there’s been no talk of an owner
  • Brunt says that the Key Arena isn’t suitable for hockey, Mahler agrees and says a new arena must be built
  • Mahler thinks that the timeline is around 2-4 years
  • Bob asks if New Orleans is the likeliest NBA franchise to move to Seattle, Mahler says that’s possible, also suggests Sacramento and Memphis
  • Bob asks who owns the Sonics name, Mahler says that Seattle olds some part of the name, but it won’t be a problem and if an NBA team comes back it’ll be called the Sonics again


I’m amused that Bob responded to somebody telling him he takes things too personally by saying “bite me” and hanging up.  I’m sure he knew the irony of the response and playing into that persona was part of it, but it was interesting.

The first segment was incredibly boring for me.  I was amazed just how much the interviews with MacLean and Rosenthal sounded just like every other interview with them on this subject.  The Rosenthal interview was almost a copy of the last one, including Bob bringing up Farrell having no place to go after a year and Rosenthal saying “yeah but if he wants to leave you can’t keep him around.”

Just like last time, I’m going to point out that just because Farrell may want to take the Boston job if it was available and the Jays were willing to let him go, doesn’t mean he wants to leave the Blue Jays period.  I may want to have my dream job too, but if things don’t work out it doesn’t mean I’m quitting my current job.  Everybody seems to be acting as if preferring the Red Sox job (if that’s even true) means that Farrell wants to leave the Jays, rather than it meaning he might want to leave the Jays if the situation were right.  If the situation isn’t right (the Sox won’t wait a year for him, the Jays won’t trade him), it doesn’t mean he’ll leave.  Where would he go?  Does he hate managing for the Jays so much that he’d rather leave and manage any other random team?  And to the idea that he’d be disgruntled and then want to leave, that’s only assuming he’s immature about this.  He’s not a 24 year old immature player.  Maybe he’ll go “well, I signed with you not knowing this job was available, so I made my decision, it’d be great if I could get my dream job, but if not, I’m quite happy here to finish what I started building”.

The Doug MacLean interview was also Deja Vu.  How many times now have we heard him say “there are 9 teams that make money and 15 teams that lose money”?  He says it in exactly the same tone each time too.  This interview was pretty much the same as every other interview that I’ve heard involving MacLean talking about the impending lockout.

I think Bob is wrong that people will cheer for their “heritage” countries over Canada if Canada met them in the world cup.  Maybe people who spent most of their lives in the other country will, but that seems fair to me.  When Bob was in Vegas, did he stop cheering for Canadian teams?  He’s in Canada now, but yet he cheers for the Browns (and before people say it’s not the same thing, Bob has criticized people for cheering for European club soccer teams, not just national teams.)

That segment was also a great example of why Brunt is such a great co-host for Bob.  He managed to steer Bob off that topic and cleverly turn it into something fun and lighthearted for them to talk about, while also showing his opposition to Bob’s view.  So he let viewers know that Bob isn’t necessarily right, but also kept it from turning into an argument where Bob might hang himself even more.  Cox would have encouraged it and thrown fuel on the fire.

The Boudreau interview was, obviously, very emotional and I was amazed how much Bob could ask of him.  Not that I think Bob was out of line, but I think their friendship really helped there.  The questions Bob and Brunt asked about how coaches interact with players during a lockout were good, I thought, and something I never thought about, but realized I wanted to know when they were asked.

Polian was fairly noncommittal about most of his opinions, but it was obviously he really liked Griffin III but didn’t want to say outright he thinks the Colts should have picked him.

The Sonics interview was complete speculation, but it was fun to listen to what people thought might happen.

All in all, this wasn’t a great show, and the first two interviews were probably quite boring for anybody who’s heard those two interviewed on those subjects before.

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