The Return Of Bill Watters To Fan 590


Well, well, well, what’s this I hear? Bill Watters is going to be on with Bob McCown and PTS tomorrow night as a member of the Friday night roundtable, who would have thunk it!

Wilbur was a regular on the Fan in years past, way past, but then he became not only the enemy of the station, but the enemy of PTS, going head to head with McCown directly. Kind of funny that while he isn’t joining the Fan as a host, but he jumps back to the station where his last two co-hosts now live, Greg Brady and Jeff Marek.

No matter what you think of Wilbur, it will be good radio tomorrow.

Speaking of good radio, if you want to listen to something good, listen to Glen Healy on PTS with Brunt and McCown. It seems that Healy has finally grown up. He is no longer carrying the NHLPA torch irrespective of the issue. He offered some really good, unbiased opinions and insight into where the talks are and why. Healy, called the NHLPA’s Quebec lawsuit white noise. He said that the PA shouldn’t be looking into issues like how many or what executives are paid. More so he actually said there are ridiculous contracts in the game. Clearly this isn’t your father’s Glen Healy.

You want to read something truly fascinating on the whole CBA stuff?

“During one tense NHLPA conference call, Larry Murphy, the Penguins’ player rep, was taken to task for suggesting he liked the sound of the owners’ latest proposal. “Hey, Murph, where’s your balls?” McSorley barked. “I don’t think with my balls, Marty,” was the retort.”

That from Jonathon Gatehouse’s new book, he Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade the League and Changed the Game Forever, an excerpt can be found on MacLeans.

Please tell me you aren’t going to spend your Friday night watching either Sportsnet or TSN countdown to the lockout specials. Honestly, you value your time more than that right? Seriously, go watch a high school sporting event. Spend time with a loved one, your kids, read a book, or excercise. Hell, maybe the CFL draft is being replayed or something.

Happy Friday


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