Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, September 13, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Stephen Brunt, Prime Time Sports co-host

  • Bob and Brunt argue about whether the public relations campaign by the NHL factored into the NHLPA turning on Bob Goodenow in 2004
  • Brunt reminds everybody that market forces decide the price of hockey tickets and the CBA negotiations are irrelevant to ticket prices

Second segment: Interview with Scott Norton, hockey agent

  • Bob asks Norton what his role is during a lockout, Norton says its to assure players that this will eventually get solved, and they might have to take a hit, but there will be a tomorrow and hockey
  • Bob asks if players have options in Europe, Norton says that his clients have had options presented, and have to weigh the pros and cons about whether to leave the family behind or bring them with you

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt argue about whether or not the players have conceded anything or need to concede anything
  • Brunt thinks that players have conceded something but that they are perfectly reasonable not to
  • Bob thinks Gary has a point that they haven’t conceded anything and thinks they should be honest about that

Second segment: Interview with Jamaal Magloire, centre for the Toronto Raptors

  • Bob asks if the hockey lockout will benefit the Raptors, Magloire thinks it will, thinks they have an exciting team
  • Bob asks if the Raptors are perceived differently than they actually are, Magloire says that when he was on the Heat, they had a very low opinion of the Raptors, but now that he’s on the team he sees that it’s not true
  • Bob asks Magloire what he thinks of Jonas Valanciunas, Magloire says he’s only seen tape, but that he’s very skilled by still has a lot to learn as all young players do

Third segment: Interview with Dave Perkins, former sports reporter for the Toronto Star

  • Perkins talks about the plight of the horse racing industry, Bob thinks that their problems are exagerrated and they always cry poor

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Glenn Healy, hockey analyst for CBC sports, former NHL goalie

  • Healy wishes that the players and owners had talked earlier
  • Healy says that there are some teams in trouble and there’s a philosophical difference on both sides how to fix it
  • Bob asks why the players have never told the league to rollback salaries of managers and coaches, Healy says that’s just white noise and coaches, managers, scouts, etc get paid very little

Second segment: Interview with Donald Fehr, Executive President of the NHLPA

  • Fehr says that the owners’ mindset seems to be that they got enormous salary rollbacks last time, so they want to do it again
  • Fehr notes that after the owners’ original proposal which wanted massive rollbacks and destroyed all plaer bargaining rights, the players could have responded with their own extreme proposal, but they didn’t
  • Fehr says that the players are in a hard place to figure out what to do, and that the fans need to understand is that the players moved in the owners’ direction
  • Fehr says the owners are choosing to lock the players out, and they could continue to negotiate while the season was going on, or they could choose to negotiate until a different deadline, but they choose to lockout the players now
  • Bob asks what the difference is between this negotiation and other ones that Fehr has been part of, Fehr says he doesn’t think this is all that different, and that it’s hard to turn things around on a dime
  • Brunt says that Bettman has brought up the NFL and NBA CBAs as a reference point, asks if Fehr believes this is relevant, Fehr says that he believes that what other leagues are not relevant, points out that in the last lockout, Bettman said that the NHL is different than other leagues and shouldn’t be compared
  • Fehr says that the NHL could look to baseball instead of the NFL and NBA, and that a no cap system allows owners to spend as little or as much as they want, but that since baseball is another sport, the NHLPA isn’t holding them up and telling the NHL to be like MLB
  • Fehr talks about how the MLB and MLBPA managed to have labor peace for such a long time because they saw each other as equals and respected each other and worked together
  • Fehr thinks that Bud Selig’s experience as an owner gives him a different perspective than other league commissioners
  • Fehr points out that in 1994, the NHL was on the rise and a big market team won the Stanley Cup and the lockout destroyed all that momentum, says that the LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup and hockey is on the rise in the south and a lockout will destroy that progress

Third segment: Interview with John Shannon, Sportsnet hockey insider

  • Bob asks if it’s feasible to start training camp without a CBA, Shannon says it’s not feasible and the NHL needs a draw a line somewhere
  • Shannon says that the NHLPA knew that they would be locked out since November of last year and they shouldn’t be surprised


Bob and Brunt did a lot of arguing today.  It was weird to have Bob so much on the owners’ side given that he generally agrees with Brunt that the players are being screwed.  I wonder if he’s being affected by people saying how biased he is against Bettman.  He really does seem to be trying extra hard lately to show that he’s “fair”.

The Magloire and Healy interviews were not particularly interesting and I didn’t think very much actually ended up being said.  Magloire basically gave the usual athlete boilerplate about how good things are and how hard people are working and how much potential there is in the team, etc.  I did find it funny that he said “I am a consumate professional…” because it sounded like he was writing a resume.  Do people say that about themselves?  I always heard the term “consumate professional” in media referring to a player, but it feels weird for somebody to say that about themselves.  That’s something that people decide you are, isn’t it?

I absolutely LOVED the Fehr interview and I think Bob and Brunt were spot on that he basically required very little leading in terms of questions.  He’s a great speaker and I think he said a lot of interesting things, and it wasn’t just boilerplate.  I also thought Brunt had a good question in asking Fehr if he thought the other leagues’ revenue sharing percentages were relevant to the NHL, because it’s something that some media people seem to just take for granted as a thing that matters, and I liked that Brunt didn’t.

The Perkins interview was weird, and I kind of lost the point of it.  They just talked general gambling stuff, and only at the end did they kind of find a topic in horse racing.

I liked the interview with Scott Norton because it was interesting to learn what hockey agents do during a lockout, and what the players are dealing with as it pertains to stuff like whether to go to Europe.

Shannon provided the usual stuff about the lockout that we’ve been hearing for the last two weeks.

Overall, I think the Fehr interview absolutely stole the show, and the show was worth listening to just for that.  The rest was pretty forgettable though.

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