Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, September 17, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Elliott, baseball reporter for the Toronto Sun

  • Elliott is on to talk about the rumors that the Blue Jays AAA affiliate next year will be Buffalo
  • Bob talks about what he heard about the Jays looking at Montreal and Ottawa, Elliott is skeptical they were on the table
  • Bob asks Elliott how likely the Jays affiliate being Buffalo is, Elliott says it’s probably going to happen
  • Bob asks how many Buffalo fans come to Jays games, Elliott says some might come as fans of other teams

Second segment: Intreview with Jeff Blair, sports columnist for the Globe and Mail

  • Blair talks about why Francois Allaire was released by the Maple Leafs, says that Allaire was a one dimensional coach
  • Bob asks if it’s possible that Allaire’s reputation was built on being lucky and around a goalie that got hot and won the Stanley Cup, Blair says it’s very possible
  • Bob says he prefers an instinctive goalie over a technical goalie
  • Blair wonders if Allaire leaving opens the door for Tim Thomas to come to Toronto, Bob thinks it’s a great idea
  • Bob asks Blair what he thinks of Buffalo becoming the Jays’ AAA affiliate, Blair says he thinks it’ll happen


5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Don Banks, football reporter for Sports Illustrated

  • Bob asks Banks how he assesses the Buffalo Bills who were horrible in week one and great in week two, Banks said you need more games to assess them
  • Bob notes that the NFL has become a league where being hot going into the playoffs is what seems to matter rather than overall record, Banks agrees it seems like it is heading that way
  • Brunt asks if Banks thinks Alex Smith’s success shows the value of patience, or that he wasn’t coached right before, Banks said that it’s both
  • Banks says it’s been a long time since a quarterback blossomed so late
  • Bob asks if it’s true that San Francisco tried to get Peyton Manning, Banks says they did but it was a special case and wasn’t reflective of any displeasure with Alex Smith
  • Brunt asks about the replacement officials being horrible in week 2, Banks thinks the players have figured out what their weaknesses are and are exploiting them
  • Bob asks how much the Saints being 0-2 have to do with the off-season issues and the absence of Sean Peyton, Banks says that nobody can quantify it but clearly something is missing
  • Brunt thinks that if the Saints continue to implode, the fans may blame Goodell for costing them the season and it’ll make a very angry Super Bowl, and Banks agrees that it will be a challenging week for him
  • Bob asks about Arizona beating New England, Banks doesn’t think Arizona will make the playoffs but is impressed they were able to beat the Patriots at home
  • Brunt notes that the Patriots are really young and how Belichik will deal with such a young team, Banks thinks the Patriots will still cobble together 10 wins but won’t go far in the playoffs because of a lack of veteran talent
  • Bob notes that young teams get better as the season goes on, and the Patriots may be hot going into the playoffs

Second segment: Interview with Ken Dryden, hall of fame NHL goaltender

  • Dryden discusses his feelings about Alan Eagleson and that he should have said that Eagleson should have declined to attend the 1972 Summit Series anniversary celebrations and it would help clear the air
  • Brunt asks Dryden what he thinks that some players like Eagleson, Dryden says that the Series shouldn’t become about Alan Eagleson and why has it turned into one side vs another
  • Bob asks what 1972 means to Russia, Dryden says it means almost the same to them as it does to Canada
  • Dryden says that what the Russians had to prove was that hockey could be played at a different level and in a different way, and they did, and that is why it means so much to them

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about the upcoming interview with Bill Daly

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the NHL

  • Bob asks what Daly thinks of Fehr getting the players to stand wih him, Daly says it’s just Fehr’s style and doesn’t change the substance of what’s being said
  • Brunt asks what the point of speaking to the fans is, Daly says it’s important to let the fans know what’s going on, but that they tried a different approach this year because they thought negotiations would go smoothly, but they haven’t
  • Daly says that while revenues have gone up, teams aren’t making money and they need to fix that
  • Brunt asks how this can be true if they got cost certainty in the last CBA, Daly says a lot of things have changed since then, including a recession in 2008 and the Canadian dollar going up
  • Daly refuses to talk about the financial situation of the teams, Bob asks if the EBITDA is positive or negative, Daly says negative, and that’s why they need the players to take a hit
  • Bob says that the league has several issues, one being that owners won’t stop spending, and second being four franchises losing a ton of money, and you can’t solve the league’s problems without removing those franchises
  • Daly and Bob politely argue about keeping franchises in losing markets, Daley says you need to give franchises a time to grow
  • Bob asks Daly why he was optimistic about the negotiation going well at the beginning, Daly says because they asked for a smaller magnitude of concessions from the players than in 2004

Second segment: Interview with Bill Daly continues

  • Bob thinks the floor is a terrible idea, Daly disagrees
  • Brunt asks if Daly is worried that the lockout will hurt attendance, Daly says they are, Bob doesn’t believe it at all and says the owners know because of 2004 the fans will come back
  • Bob asks what the maximum length of contracts should be, Daly says 5 years

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt discuss what they learned from Daly


I’m impressed that Bob challenged Daly on a bunch of things.  I think Daly strikes the perfect balance for Bob, being friendly with him but not a friend of his, so Bob feels comfortable loudly disagreeing with him while not worrying about hurting a friend.  Brunt, of course, was skeptical of a lot of things Daly said and kept trying to get him to go off rote.

I think Daly did a good job of answering questions with the league’s point of view, but it was still all just league PR stuff, and he wouldn’t admit to any of Bob or Brunt’s points.  If he didn’t have an explanation for why they’re wrong, he’d just say that the league sees it differently.

I would have asked Daly that if the reason the league needs more money from the players is because of teams in bad markets losing money, AND he thinks you need to give those teams time to turn it around, if they do, will he give the money back to the players in the next CBA?  Somehow, I suspect not.  Just a hunch.

The Banks interview was very informative, and even though I don’t really follow the NFL, I enjoy listening to Banks talk about football.

The Dryden interview was long-winded and I found he gave really long and circuitous answers.

While not much was learned from either interview, I liked the 4pm hour because I thought Elliott and Blair were fun to listen to and they had interesting opinions about their subjects.

All in all, this show wasn’t that interesting unless you wanted to hear Bill Daly’s spin on the lockout.

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