A Letter To Bob McCown

An Open Letter to Bob McCown

Dear Bob,

Thank you for an excellent week of radio. The Yunel Escobar story involved a lot of complexities and nuances, and you and Brunt did an exemplary job of unpacking these for the benefit of the audience. It is the coverage of stories like this one that demonstrate why PTS is truly the leader in the marketplace.

The interviews with Beeston and AA were thorough and critical. The interview with Zeigler was frank and intelligent. The Zaun interview provided great insider perspective from an ex-athlete who is close to this team. Thanks for bringing these to the listeners.

More than any of this, I want to thank you and Brunt for your own reflections on this incident and what it means for the team and the city. You were forceful and opinionated without being pedantic or preachy. I don't agree with some of your positions, but that's not really the point. As a listener there is nothing more rewarding that hearing a complicated issue eloquently discussed with precision and care, and that is exactly what PTS provided this week.

I wanted to say all of this to congratulate you, but also to point out how exceptional this week was. You demonstrated a level of passion and interest that has been missing from PTS as of late, at least to my ears. Obviously stories like this are not going to come along all the time, but from this listener's standpoint, there is a palpable difference in the quality of PTS when you're engaged by the issues. This week proved that when you're motivated and paired with a complementary co-host, PTS has no equal. This is not always the case though.

You've just signed what might be your last contract. My question to you is: what do you want out of these next years? Obviously the audience will be there for the most part regardless of what you do. Radio is about inertia and PTS has a huge established base.

My hope is that you'll find ways to maintain the level of quality that we saw this week on PTS. There are so many options for listeners these days and a lot of it is pretty good. However, PTS was in a league of its own covering the Yunel Escobar story. Thanks Bob. Looking forward to listening more in the days ahead.

mike in boston

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