From Krys Barch to Toronto Blue Jays


So what did we learn from Krys Barch’s twitter rant on Saturday night?

I think we learned about as much as we did when Jimmy D spouted off about players being cattle.

These two episodes are Bettman’s exhibit A on why he wants one voice from his ownership group. It’s why I would think Fehr would want the same thing from the players.

Oh, we also learned that guys like Barch drink really lousy beer.

Fans can’t relate to owners. Barch is right. However I’m not sure how many fans can relate to guys like Barch, given what he makes either. Raise your hand if you feel badly for the guy making what he does, doing what he does. That’s what I thought.

The Blue Jays are now playing to announced crowds of 12k.

They should be thrilled with those numbers given the product they have been putting on the field of late.

The most fascinating thing I’ve read of late on the Blue Jays is the incredible article by Shi Davidi which suggests don’t necessarily believe the hype. What’s incredible to me is just how much banter there is about the Jays off the field. If you listen to Red Sox media the next couple of weeks for the Blue Jays could be very interesting.

Did you happen to listen to the beginning of hockey central at noon on Monday. The start was pretty funny. MacLean claiming to not be so pro owner and Kypreos claiming to not be so pro player. Leopards don’t change their spots fellas. You are what you are.


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