Prime Time Sports Review for Monday, October 1, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Ian Leggat, former PGA player

  • Bob and Leggat talk about the US’ collapse in the Ryder Cup on the weekend

Second segment: Interview with Michael Heistand, US Today

  • Heistand and Bob talk about the Ryder Cup, Heistand thinks that social media spread the word about the event despite it seeming as if it was over at the beginning, Bob puts down Twitter as usual
  • Heistand and Bob talk about the regular referees returning to the NFL, and the excitement of the MLB playoff races

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about what they watched on the weekend, Brunt watched golf and Bob watched a Man U vs Tottenham game
  • Bob and Brunt discuss the US collapse at the Ryder Cup

Second segment: Interview with Sean McAdam, sportswriter for the Boston Herald

  • McAdam discusses the Red Sox interest in John Farrell, says it won’t happen if the Jays ask for Clay Buckholtz in a trade

Third segment: Interview with Ivan Joseph, Director of Athletics for Ryerson Univerisy

  • Joseph talks about the new Ryerson hockey rink, the process which lead to it, and what sorts of facilities are in it besides the rink

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Don Banks, football reporter for Sports Illustrated

  • Banks talks about the Bills collapse against the Patriots
  • Banks discusses the NY Jets’ woes, doesn’t think Tebow is the solution
  • Discussion of the Detroit Lions, Banks thinks there is some regression in the young players

Second segment: Interview with Steve Milton, Hamilton Spectator

  • Milton is on to discuss the passing of Barbara Ann Scott, Canada’s only female Olympic gold medalist figure skater
  • Milton talks about Scott’s life

Third segment: Interview with Teddy Atlas, boxing trainer

  • Atlas is on to discuss the 37th anniversary of The Thrilla in Manilla
  • Brunt and Atlas talk about what a brave and compassionate move it was for Joe Frazier’s trainer, Eddie Futch to end the fight in the 14th round to protect him


I’m getting a little bored of Bob’s constant “people who live in their parents basement” rants about people who use Twitter.  First, it’s an incredibly outdated joke about people who use computers.  Seriously Bob, we’re not in the 1980s or 90s anymore, the days of computers and internet access only being the purview of teen and 20s male geeks are in the rear view mirror by over 10 years.  Secondly, it’s incredibly unimaginative.  People who use Twitter have laptops, and cellphones and tablets, and aren’t just anchored to their desks.  Bob’s stereotype is stuck in the 90s where he’s imagining people anchored to their desks with bulky desktops as the only people who can access the internet.

Also, his 3% number (of people using Twitter, assuming it’s true) would be of the entire population, which includes kids, babies, elderly, etc.  I wonder what the % of people who listen to the FAN590 (or even sports talk radio in general) is if you factored in the entire population.

But, the main thing that got me about his argument, and that I wish Heistand brought up, is that people who aren’t on Twitter, also know people who ARE on Twitter.  Case in point, none of my family is on Twitter, but they watched the Olympic Women’s Canada vs USA soccer game, because I saw it trending on Twitter, turned on the TV then told them what’s happening.  I’m pretty sure similar things happened with the Ryder Cup: people saw “Ryder Cup” trending on Twitter, wondered what’s up, found out, then told their friends “oh my god are you watching this?”

Chances are, Bob’s even been part of that network before and never knew it. I know a lot of his associates and friends ARE on Twitter, and I’m pretty sure sometimes, he gets the “OMG are you watching this?” text or calls from his friends because they found out about an event happening from Twitter.

I really enjoyed Bob’s chat with Brunt at the beginning.  I always love the chemistry they have, and I Bob’s excitement about a soccer game was fun to listen to.  Bob watched soccer, Brunt watched golf!  The world is ending.

How long are we going to have to hear about John Farrell?  Nobody has any idea what he wants, or what’s going on behind the scenes. I feel like it’s just because Sportsnet needs SOMETHING to talk about with the Jays that we always need guests to come on and let us know that Farrell may or may not leave if he wants or doesn’t want to.

The Leggat interview was actually pretty interesting, because they actually had an interesting golf story to talk about, and even though I didn’t watch the event, I still found it informative.

I didn’t know anything about Barbara Ann Scott, and the interview with Milton was very thorough and gave us a lot of information.  I’ll admit, that I wasn’t that into it, because I have no interest in figure skating, but for those that have interest in knowing more about Scott, I think it was a good interview.

As usual, Don Banks is informative and interesting to listen to about the NFL.

I’m pleasently surprised that Brunt is back for this week, given that he did 2 weeks, then Cox did a week.  I expected Cox in this week, but I definitely don’t mind Brunt in for 3 of 4 weeks. 🙂

All in all, I thought this wasn’t a bad show, and they hit on the topics du jour.  It really is kind of a dead zone for PTS right now without hockey, and with the Jays completely done.

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