Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, October 4, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener phone calls with Bob McCown

  • Calls are mostly angry callers mad at the Blue Jays

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt talk about the US Presidential debate, Bob is shocked how bad he thinks Obama did

Second segment: Interview with Bob Nicholson, new vice president of the IIHF, president of Hockey Canada

  • Bob asks if there’s any conflict of interests for him to hold both titles, Nicholson says he doesn’t see any, but if it came up he would step away from the situation
  • Nicholson talks about how he has to balance and consider the needs of all the countries in the world
  • Nicholson would prefer NHL players to be at the Sochi Olympics, thinks it will help grow the game, thinks they will go

Third segment: Stephen Hart, head coach of the Canadian mens’s soccer team

  • Brunt asks if Canada needs to be more offensive, Hart says they need to play their game and if the goals come, they’ll come
  • Brunt asks what the team needs to do to not get distracted by fans trying to keep them awake & distract them, Hart says he doesn’t want to talk about this with the media

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Ryan, sports writer for the Boston Globe

  • Ryan is late coming on so Brunt and Bob talk about whether to trade Farrell to Boston or not, Bob thinks you should do it if you can get a good player, Brunt thinks you may want to even if you have to lower your demands
  • Ryan comes on and talks about how much the Red Sox likes Farrell and what a great job he & Francona did in the past with the pitching staff, namely Dice-K
  • Bob wonders if Farrell will want to return to the Red Sox given how much the team has changed, Ryan agrees that is a concern

Second segment: Interview with Gregg Zaun, baseball analyst for Sportsnet

  • Zaun is critical of the way Farrell has handled the Jays
  • Bob disagrees, Zaun asks him questions about how the players have played and conducted themselves, Bob agrees with Zaun’s assessment

Third segment: Interview with Gregg Zaun continues

  • Zaun thinks that Farrell is way too easy on Brett Lawrie’s stubborness to change the way he plays and should have him benched
  • Zaun thinks that Alex Anthopolous was betting on his young talent blossoming, and that didn’t happen
  • Zaun thinks Anthopolous still has a few years to prove himself


This was a very Jays heavy show outside of the Hart and Nicholson interviews, and Hart is a pretty terrible interview.  If Bob is going to have the occasional soccer guest, I think he’s better served to have an analyst on rather than a coach who keeps not answering questions.  Hart did this the last time he was interviewed too, he just refused to answer some questions and dodged others.

Zaun is still pretty blunt, but I do wonder if he was talked to to tone it down a bit, because he was being a little less forward than usual in his criticisms of Alex and Farrell.  He was letting things be implied rather than saying things outright.

Bob and Brunt were on two totally different wavelengths for the majority of the Farrell discussion.  Bob was approaching it that Boston wants Farrell and only Farrell (to the point that I almost thought he was acting as if the Jays had kidnapped Farrell and were holding him hostage) while Brunt was acting as if the Sox had options, and the Jays are the ones who should be interested in a trade to get something rather than nothing for Farrell.

I still wonder if you took the Red Sox off the table, would Farrell say “okay then I’m leaving after next year” or “oh okay, then I’m happy here”?  Unless he thinks every other team is a better option than the Jays, if the Sox are off the table, would he really decide he wants to leave and go on the open market?

I guess because he’s been criticized by some for being a sexist in the past, Bob is paranoid about being read as sexist for not liking Sarah Palin, but I really didn’t think he needed to clarify it.  It’s Palin.  Everybody knows that there’s lots of reasons to not like her that have nothing to do with her gender.

Is Zaun serious about trading for Dustin Pedroia, by the way?  He started this train of thought when Blair joked about it on the roundtable, and now he sounds like he seriously thinks the Jays could get Pedroia for Farrell.

I’m honestly getting a little tired of the same stories about the Jays’ problems and whether Farrell will go or not, so this show was a bit boring for me.  However, for those that are interested in that, they probably enjoyed this more.  Given the calls, there are many of those people out there.

Edit: I forgot to add that during the phone segment, somebody asked why the lower seed is playing 2 games at home then 3 games away in the MLB Division Series and Bob said it’s always been this way.  No, it hasn’t.  It’s only this way this year because they added in the play in games after the schedule was set.  It’ll be changed back to normal in the future.  That was extremely sloppy on Bob’s end.  I wonder if it’s lack of caring, or just that he forgot.

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