Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, October 5, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Scott Miller, CBS Sports

  • Miller likes the one game playoff format and that it makes winning your division important again
  • Miller says the downside is that your season could end because of bad luck or “something crazy happening”
  • Bob asks if there’s any risk starting Darvish for the one game playoff, Miller says there isn’t, that he can handle it
  • Miller predicts Atlanta will win in the NL, and Baltimore will win in the AL even though he likes Texas
  • Bob asks how Miller thinks the Nationals will do, Miller thinks they’ll be fine and pitching will overcome inexperience

Second segment: Interview with Doug Smith, basketball reporter for the Toronto Star

  • Smith and Bob talk about the new NBA no-flopping rule
  • Smith talks about Jamaal Magloire and that he will probably retire if he can’t find a spot on another NBA team
  • Smith talks about how Terrance Ross will help push DeRozan
  • Bob asks what Landry Fields is, Smith says he’s like Shane Battier and Anthony Parker: a really smart player

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, John Shannon and Elliotte Friedman

First segment: Should the Jays trade John Farrell to the Red Sox?

  • Bob thinks you should, but you need to get the Sox to agree to a deal before you let them talk, Friedman says it can work the other way too
  • Shannon agrees with Bob but says that if you do that you’re also letting Farrell know that he’s

Second segment: If John Farrell is not the manager of the Blue Jays, who should be?

  • Joe Torre and Mike Scoscia, among others, are mentioned, Bob says if Scoscia’s available, the Jays should ditch Farrell regardless if he wants to go to the Red Sox or not

Third segment: If you could get one player to address the Jays needs, what position would you target?

  • Bob suggests that you may not get starting pitcher and could get a big bat instead, the others disagree
  • Bob wants to keep Villaneuva, Brunt and Friedman disagree

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Discussion of the NHL Lockout

  • Bob thinks that NHL should have no revenue sharing and have the failing teams either fail or relocated to better markets
  • Brunt cites MLB as proof that not having a cap works
  • Shannon thinks bad markets can be turned around, believes Long Island can

Second segment: Discussion of the one game playoff in MLB

  • Brunt says he’s sold on the idea after the end of this season and that it creates excitement
  • Friedman says it’s especially important for MLB to be popular among young people because it’s losing them with their tight hold on their copyrights
  • Bob thinks it has the potential to be exciting and says that the TV numbers on Friday will tell the tale

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • First bullet is about Curt Schilling selling his bloody sock from the 2004 World Series
  • Second bullet is about Terry Francona possibly signing with the Cleveland Indians, the possibility of him going to the Cubs instead is brought up


I suppose with nothing left in the Jays season to talk about, fantasy trades are bound to be talked about.  I’m still amazed that Bob and Zaun really seem to believe the Jays could get Dustin Pedroia from the Red Sox.  Bob does sound like a Jays Talk caller who targets the player he wants on the Jays without considering if the other team would want to make that trade.

Bob and Brunt got confused about their discussion on Thursday’s show, and Shannon’s memory of the show didn’t help either.  What Bob was asking on Thursday is if you would trade any manager for a top player.  Specifically, he used the example of Joe Girardi for Jared Weaver and Brunt said he wouldn’t.  I’m actually shocked that Zaun and Brunt wouldn’t trade their manager for a top player (in this fantasy scenario that would never happen).  Even if my manager was Joe Madden, if you can get Mike Trout or Stephen Strasburg, of course I do it.  Of course, this is all fantasy that would never happen, but that seems to be the topic on Bob’s mind lately.

It seems like Bob just can’t let baseball go, and without the NHL, he’ll talk about that even if there’s nothing left to talk about but fantasy trades.  Five of the six segments in today’s roundtable were about baseball (3 of them about the Blue Jays).  The other, of course, was about the NHL lockout, which seems to be the other thing that interests Bob, even though it’s been talked to death, and nothing new is happening.  I know the Raptors are still in camp, but couldn’t there be a segment about what people think the team will be like this season?  At least it’d be something new.  I feel like the last 3 weeks on PTS have been about John Farrell, what the Jays need next year, and the NHL lockout.  Rinse, repeat.

Mind you, I’m okay with the Jays talk, and I know from the callers, that a lot of people are still very into the Jays even with the season over, so that’s probably what some of the audience wants to listen to.  But, that’s not the entire audience, and I’m sure some people are getting sick of the Jays and NHL lockout dominating PTS the way they have when neither story has changed in the last month.

The first half of the first segment was about Brunt talking about the skydiver who’s jumping from the edge of the atmosphere.  I was amazed at how excited and irrational Brunt sounded in that segment.  It was amusing because it was so unlike Brunt to fanboy about something, usually that’s Bob and Brunt is the voice of reason.  Bob was, logically, saying that he wasn’t jumping from space, just from the edge of the atmosphere.  Brunt wasn’t just hoping it was from space, he seemed almost hoping that the guy would die.  It was sort of weird hearing how excited Brunt was about the possibility of serious injury/death, and being disappointed when Bob was saying that it would be fine and he’s not interested in watching it.

In general, for what it was, I thought this was an okay roundtable.  As I said, I don’t personally mind the non-stop Jays talk, even though I wish there was more variety. There was a lot of speculation, but at least they let their imaginations go and so it was interesting to listen to in that vein.  I do think that if they’re going to talk that much baseball, they should at least have somebody like Jeff Blair on instead of John Shannon.

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