Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups


Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:

On 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:

640 Chad Owens
720 Nick Kypreos
740 Jorey Middlestadt
820 Pat Hentgen
840 Ian Eagle


On TSN radio with Mike Richards


7:00am: DAVE NAYLOR – Football Analyst

7:15 am – Jack Armstrong – NBA on TSN

7:30: PIERRE MCGUIRE – Hockey Analyst


8:00: DAN SHULMAN – ESPN Baseball analyst

8:15: ALEX MARVEZ – NFL writer (From San Francisco)

OUT: 8:25

8:30: Cassie Campbell In-Studio

8:45: Cassie Campbell In-Studio


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Itchy Butt
Itchy Butt
October 11, 2012 10:30 am

Anyone else think Bob’s rant about batting order was pure BS? I was in Cincy at the Reds Hall Of Fame and they had the Big Red Machine unis all lined up in their batting order and it made perfect sense to me. Rose leads off, best hitter ever, has speed, shit disturber…..Morgan next…..good hitter…..gets on, has some pop if needed….Bench next. Hard hitting, can’t pitch around him because Perez wil kill you next……then on and on…
Bob sometimes sounds like a cranky old man arguing for arguings sake.

Another Steve
Another Steve
October 11, 2012 11:57 am
Reply to  Itchy Butt

I actually think McCown’s argument makes sense. Too often people in baseball just do things because that’s the way it has always been done. It’s such a conservative sport, since baseball people are reluctant to consider anything new.

But your comments on McCown from last night reminded me of something Brady said this morning as I was driving to work just before 6am this morning. He said that it didn’t make sense for Washington to put Jason Werth in the lead-off position, since he doesn’t bat lead-off normally, and then said that it was as if Washington was trying to lose the series. I couldn’t believe how ill-informed that comment was, since Werth hit lead-off for the final two months of the season (since he came back from injury), and the Nats had the best record in baseball.

October 11, 2012 2:11 pm

I have found the batting order talk fascinating. Always thought Alomar would have been a fascinating leadoff man, more in the Rickey Henderson mold, with some power and maybe even more potential for stolen bases, had he not followed Devon White.
I heard Brady say that as well and he noted it had been something the Nats had started trying “late in the season” but I think you’re right, he wasn’t fully aware that he moved pretty quickly into leadoff after not hitting well batting 5th or 6th. He correctly noted Bryce Harper bounced around a few different order slots before the Nationals settled on hitting 2nd in the lineup. The A-Rod, should he play/should he not play tonight and where should he hit topic resonated with me.
The baseball’s absolutely compelled me and it’s obviously the NHL’s loss. I mean, so Ottawa would be playing Montreal tonight. With no buildup to it, would I really skip watching 3-4 baseball playoff games and an NFL game to watch Game 1 of an 82 game sked. The NHL isn’t going to have the easiest go of it when it comes back, I think people are sadly understimating the apathy people have towards the games not being played.

Itchy Butt
Itchy Butt
October 11, 2012 6:47 pm
Reply to  Julian

I think Robbie had too much pop to be leadoff. Better to get him to drive in guys. Devon was not the best leadoff guy but I guess it was his speed that put him there.

I do agree that it’s a conservative sport. Maddon had Pena leading off for a while, just to try and get him out of his slump.

Except for my Reds dying a sudden death, this has been an awesome post season.

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