Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, October 11, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Tim Micallef, co-host of Tim & Sid, FAN590

  • Bob and Tim discuss the radio consultant brought in to analyze & give suggestions about the FAN590 shows
  • Bob and Tim argue about the merits of having phone calls rather than other kinds of interactivity (like Twitter)

Second segment: Interview with Rob Becker, lawyer and legal analyst

  • Becker discusses the Lance Armstrong case
  • Bob asks whether the sponsors of his team are liable, Becker says they aren’t, Bob says that they might be

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Brunt discuss Ray Mancini and the new book about him, Brunt shares stories about Mancini’s trainer

Second segment: Interview with David Epstein, Sports Illustrated

  • Epstein talks about the allegations against Lance Armstrong
  • Epstein believes that it is still important to catch cheaters even if everybody is doing it

Third segment: Interview with Sherman Cunningham, sports memorabilia collector

  • Cunningham talks about why he is selling the Maple Leaf Gardens stuff that he bought when it closed

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Stephen Brunt co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Jon Paul Morosi, FOX Sports baseball reporter

  • Morosi talks about the MLB playoffs, talks about Joe Girardi and his decisions, what to do about A-Rod
  • Morosi talks about the Washington Nationals and if the decision to shut down Strasburg will cost them a chance to move on

Second segment: Interview with Ray Mancini, former boxer

  • Mancini talks about the new book about him, how it’s about his relationship with his father
  • Mancini talks about the fight with Duk Koo Kim, said it didn’t affect how he fought after

Third segment: Interview with Eric Tillman, Edmonton Eskimos GM

  • Bob asks Tillman about cutting Cory Boyd, Tillman says it’s a cap move and that they didn’t expect other players to play so well
  • Tillman denies that it is because Boyd was a bad lockerroom presence


I think Bob made a bit of a fallacy when talking with Tim and doing his usual “only 2% of people are on Twitter”.  First, he even admits he doesn’t know 2% of WHO (and originally he said 3%).  If we’re including entire populations (either of the world, or of America or whatever), then very few people do almost anything, because we’re including children, babies, elderly, etc.  Secondly, he’s acting as if Tim & Sid are doing their show on Twitter rather than doing their show on radio and allowing interaction on Twitter.  They don’t have a 2% potential audience because they are only asking for feedback on Twitter, not broadcasting on Twitter.  Anybody who interacts still probably heard them on the radio.  Bob even admits that very few people in the audience call in anyway, and presumably even if they want to and can’t, they aren’t going to tune out.

I actually thought Becker sounded A LOT clearer on Skype.  Yes, there was a bit of an “empty” sound, since he was echoing in a studio, but sometimes I have a hard time hearing Becker on the phone (especially when he gets excited) and this was REALLY clear.

I’m amused that Brunt said what many listeners have thought about Becker for a while (he’s very animated and gets very high pitched when he’s excited).  I wonder if he’s okay with that.  Presumably, since he’s done radio for a long time, he already knows this, and may in fact play it up for the audience.

Again, apparently the CFL is of so little interest to Bob that the CFL segment is him having his friend on to talk about cutting one player.  It was really short too.

Sherman Cunningham really rambled for the first part of his interview and Bob sounded kind of bored.  I often feel bad for non-media personalities who get interviewed when they stutter, stumble, or ramble, because I’m sure they’re quite nervous.  Cunningham sounded pretty nervous, and his long story about why he has to sell the memorabilia (which wasn’t even clear to me by the end of it), sounded like nerves to me.

I wasn’t listening to sports radio in Canada during the last hockey lockout, so I had no idea that without hockey, apparently there is just nothing to talk about in September and October on PTS.  It seems like lately they’re just trying to find anybody on to talk about anything hockey related.

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