Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, October 12, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Listener calls with Bob McCown

  • Calls are about whether the Yankees should pinch hit A-Rod in game 5, Blue Jays, and gambling

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, John Shannon, Elliotte Friedman and Dave Perkins

First segment: Is there a point in policing sports for steroid and PED use?

  • Bob wonders if you can ever win the war, and if there is enough harm to warrant it

Second segment: Are long term big money contracts worth it in baseball?

  • Friedman says throwing big salary instead of long term is a better idea to sign stars

Third segment: Discussion of CBC showing classic NHL games during the lockout

  • Bob talks about CBC threatening legal action against CTV for “Big Bang Night in Canada”, Shannon brings up CTV’s snarky response
  • Bob thinks that it’s boring to show classic NHL games because everybody’s already seen them before

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Discussion of the baseball playoffs

  • The roundtable talk about the Nationals’ decision to shut down Strasburg
  • Perkins says that to do that they were gambling that they would win the world series without him because you don’t get that many chances to waste
  • Shannon believes that the disagreement between coach and GM shows a GM who knows he’ll be around for 10 years and a coach who is coaching for his job
  • Friedman says that maybe the truth will come out if the Nationals lose and don’t advance, and disgruntled people start talking to the media
  • The roundtable discuss the Oakland As

Second segment: Will the NHL lockout have any real impact on fans

  • Bob thinks that neither the players nor owners are scared fans won’t come back
  • Perkins thinks fans will eventually return
  • Friedman believes that it could and that many fans may not come back and may just watch on TV instead of buying tickets
  • Shannon thinks eventually they’ll come back but that growth will be hurt because they won’t come back immediately

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • First bullet is about the Yankees/Orioles game that they are watching, Bob is shocked that there are only 2 replays available for a ball that was called foul but may have been a home run
  • Second bullet is about Dusty Baker, and if he’d be back as manager
  • Third bullet is about whether fans don’t care about defensive players in the NFL, Perkins thinks they do, Friedman and Shannon disagree


And playing the role of Stephen Brunt: Bob McCown.  I found it interesting that Bob’s stance on steroids in the roundtable was fairly close to what Brunt’s usually is, and John Shannon seemed to be playing the role of Bob.  I don’t know if this is just because Brunt isn’t on and Bob feels that he needs to be devil’s advocate, or Bob’s opinion is actually shifting.  He said that his attitude’s changed over the decades, but from my listening, it’s only been about a year since I started to hear him suggest this point of view.  He was still very hardline against cheating a year or 2 years ago.

I didn’t find anything particularly notable, negatively or positively, in this roundtable.  I think Shannon and Friedman talked a lot, and at times it seemed as if Perkins was left out (specifically during the NHL lockout discussion when Perkins was trying to say something to counter Friedman and didn’t get the chance because Friedman and Shannon talked to each other.)

Somehow there still ended up being 2 hockey related segments during a lockout.  I wonder what’s going to happen if the entire season is cancelled.  How many times can you talk about “the impact of the NHL lockout on fans” to fill a roundtable segment?  It seems like every roundtable, there’s a segment (or more) that’s basically about how there’s no hockey.  I don’t think it’s just that we don’t have hockey to talk about, because honestly, in Toronto, it’s not about hockey in general, it’s that we don’t have the LEAFS to talk about.  Whether they’re good or bad, the trials and tribulations of the Leafs usually give PTS one or two good segments.

I enjoyed Perkins’ story about how the writers figured out ways to block out the sun from their laptop screens when they covered As games.  His stories are always one of my favourite parts of having him on PTS, either as co-host or as a roundtable guest.

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