What Would Bill Watters Say?


It’s not that long ago that Uncle Wilbur had a radio show of his own. Whether bumbling through a tirade to “jeffie” “Gregor” or any of his co-hosts their were always common themes to the Watters show; at some point or another, Bill would go on some rambling tirade against his former bosses Tanenbaum and Peddie. Didn’t matter if it was the Canadian dollar, the price of oil, the ink on the leafs programs, it eventually would lead to a lament about Tanenbaum and Peddie.

Well, one common story that Uncle Bill would LOVE to tell, over and over and over again is how his former bosses ruined the Baby Leafs. The biggest mistake they ever made was moving the team from the Rock to Toronto and what a flop it would be for all of eternity.

It’s with that backdrop that I found Damien Cox’s blurb on the Marlies so interesting this weekend:

“Eight years ago, the notion that the Marlies would be a solid draw rather than just another ignored hockey team in this town would have seemed fanciful.

But it has happened, at least to the degree to which any minor-league team can make it happen in the GTA.

Beyond that, this has become a model AHL franchise, arguably the best. Free agents Keith Aucoin and Mike Kostka evidently thought so when they left their clubs for Toronto during the summer, and anyone who knows the AHL can confirm the quality of facilities enjoyed by the Marlies and the way in which they basically operate as a pseudo-NHL franchise has created a unique environment.

That, plus they can put on a show.”

A model AHL franchise?
Arguably the best??

This certainly is not the same Marlies that Mr. Watters was talking about is it?


If only he had an outlet to discuss.

I am told by the way that there were some talks about making Wilbur a permanent attraction with McCown, so far that hasn’t happened.

When I was little someone gave me a book that was the coolest thing ever, it was a hockey story that featured me in the book. As an 8 year old boy, I loved it. I still have it and have read it to my son. When I was a little bit older someone gave me an audio cassette that was the same type of thing. It was equally cool, but I have no clue where that tape is. Well, welcome to the modern era. Mark Hebscher- Yes Guy- is now offering the same sort of thing online. Very cool, check it out here

Happy Monday.


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