Toronto Sports Radio September Partial Ratings

Toronto Sports Radio September Partial Ratings


Sorry, don’t have the full ratings yet, but here is what I have so far.

Partial September Sports ratings:

Brady/Lang 8.0
Richards 1.0
Blair 7.0
Dan Patrick 1.2
HockeyCNoon 8.4
Blue Lunch 1.7
Tim & Sid 8.3
Hayes 1.4
McCown 11.3
Cybulski 0.9

Until TSN radio has the benefit of Toronto Maple Leafs games there is little that will happen with their ratings. Similarly, until TSN makes a firm commitment to it’s radio station, and not simply using it as a tool to promote and support their TV network they will continue to be where they are in the ratings game. Most importantly they have to stick to a schedule. If it’s Patrick, go with it. If it’s not dump him. Stop switching.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder what the folks at he Fan are up to these days. The numbers are off the charts and that’s with literally no sports going on in Toronto. Interesting to see what happens when we get into late November and there is no hockey and no baseball and only NFL on weekends. I love hearing Toronto MSMers talking Raptors and NBA basketball but we shall see what happens to ratings then.

“The biggest names on the Leafs — Dion Phaneuf, Phil Kessel, James Reimer — are not playing overseas, getting ready for a season that might not be.

Without playing this season, the Leafs don’t have to account for the final years on the contracts of players such as Tim Connolly, Matthew Lombardi, Clarke MacArthur and Tyler Bozak, which frees up $13 million in salaries for starting over post-lockout. A chance to begin anew with youngsters like Morgan Rielly not that far away.”

I don’t wonder what Brian Burke was told, as Steve Simmons suggests in this past Sunday column but I do believe Leaf fans shouldn’t be overly disturbed the longer this lockout drags on. I know, we all want games to be played. Admit it though, the longer they stay out the better it is for the Buds.

Also from Simmons:

“At what point did all of sports media turn to political punditry? Imagine a group of serious political writers tweeting play by play of a sporting event the way so many managed on the U.S. vice-presidential debate … ”

While I found the MSM election tweets colorful, I think Simmons missed out on the Sunday news shows talking MLB playoffs in the middle of the election talk; tweeting? maybe not but certainly covering sports.

David Shoalts article on Tuesday: “For the first time since the NHL owners locked out the players a month ago, there is a palpable sense of optimism the season can be saved.”

David Shoalts Thursday : “When Gary Bettman strode to the microphone early Thursday afternoon it was clear there would be no good news for hockey fans.”

That was fast. Come on people. You saw this coming right?

The odds of the PA accepting Bettman’s last offer were about the same as McCown having Bettman co-host a show.

If you think the NHLPA hired Donald Fehr to get to this deal I am deeply disappointed in you.

Happy Friday!



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    Hey TSM, I remember hearing you say that in order to keep these ratings in context, we need to see the trends. Would it be possible for you to provide links to previous posts on this subject?

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    Steve in Waterloo 5 years

    Until TSN commits to a basic level of production value, including signal strength, I am hard pressed to even attempt to listen to the radio station.

  • comment-avatar
    Sam in Scarb 5 years

    The numbers just CANNOT be right…Hockey Central at Noon 8.4 higher than 10 other hours of FAN programming (never mind 7 PM till 6AM)…
    SOOO people are tuning in to a 1 HOUR program to hear NO NEWS AT ALL OR GOOD interviews,nothing at all said with 3 bodies just trying to hold on and keep their jobs?? During a lockout?
    Please TSM answer ,where are these numbers coming from??

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    Daniel 5 years

    Don Kollins took a lot of grief on this board, but you have to give credit where credit’s due. I’ve been listening to The Fan since 92 (when I was a kid), and I really do think this is the best the station has sounded. Not perfect by any means, but IMO every show in the lineup is vibrant and compelling, which is impressive. It wasn’t that long ago I had given up on everything but PTS (during the Stellick/Landry, Hogan, Directors Chair phase). To me, the real masterstroke was bringing in Tim & Sid. I also loved that they put a bit of effort into the Baseball Show and brought Hayhurst in. Seems like there’s far more of an investment in talent now then there used to be.

    As for TSN, I dunno. I’ll flip over in the car here and there, but it hasn’t drawn me in at all. I don’t find any of the hosts to be particularly compelling. I do like their evening/weekend shows better than The Fan, though.

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    Curt 5 years

    Re Tim & Sid. It might be just me, but I’ve cooled a bit on their show. At first, it was fresh and funny, but I find myself getting a little annoyed with them lately. It seems that they’re trying to be funny instead of being funny. Their schtick is getting a bit stale for me at least.

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    Daniel 5 years

    I don’t listen to that show much because I’m not a big hockey fan, but I have to admit I’ve listened more since the lockout than I usually would.

    I just find it hilarious hearing these guys be so blatantly frustrated and angry that they have nothing to talk about.

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel 5 years

    You would think they can’t keep it up THAT much longer if we lose a whole season.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike S 5 years

    I don’t know too many other people who would describe Blair’s show as “vibrant and compelling”………….I guess you have to be a huge baseball fan to appreciate his show………………I have been enjoying Dan Patrick lately………….it’s great to have his show as an option, especially during NFL season…………..if 1050 eventually brings back Scott MacArthur I might listen more to Blair but right now there is not much reason for me to tune in because the sports he likes to talk about the most are the sports I like the least

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    Mike S 5 years

    Random thoughts on these September ratings:
    – every weekday show on 590 had a rating of 7.0 or higher…………I can’t remember that ever happening before
    – the up and down ratings for Blair continue…………sometimes he gets a rating between 4.0 or below and sometimes it’s 7.0 or higher…………I don’t think there is any other show that has had that kind of variance
    – the weekday show on 1050 that got the best rating this time was Blue Lunch…………..I like the show but it’s a bit hard to believe, especially during a lockout
    – Cybulski gets a rating under 1.0………………that’s a lot lower than what he has been getting…………….if it is not an anomoly then it’s got to be a concern for 1050
    – the 8.4 rating for HockeyCentral at noon means that 590 probably made the right decision when they switched from baseball to hockey at noon in early September

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    Daniel 5 years

    Well… yeah, Blair’s is probably the least so. And yeah, I do love his baseball talk.

    It’s just that for me there are no real lulls in their programming day anymore. First time I’ve ever thought that.

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    i’ve certainly listened to them far less regularly since the switch. there are a bunch of factors:

    – 3 hours vs. 1: this is hardly a criticism. it would be impossible to be as entertaining in a 3 hour show. But …
    – the obligatory interviews of SN insiders: the endless interviews of Kypreos, Shannon, Wilner etc. really detract from the show. It’s just not good radio.
    – Sid in particular seems to have become overwhelmingly concerned with being zany and off-the-wall. In spurts it can be entertaining, but I became a listener to the podcast due to the quality of their debates not the frat boy shit. Tim is doing a really good job.
    – Sid: repeating the station ID after every question is not necessary.

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    this is my obligatory post complaining that meaningful comparisons between the stations are impossible when the PPM sample sizes are so small. I’m sure the FAN is leading by a mile across the board, but the relative numbers don’t mean anything.

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    Alex 5 years

    Today on blairs show, a caller thanked him for having a local show in his timeslot.

  • comment-avatar
    Slim Whitman 5 years

    @ Mike S blair I must admit I have only heard him by accident in the last 5 months (turned off his crap long ago)..ahh humm ahhh dead air
    Hogan from 9-12 at least had a very good sample of guests to which bbbblair does not!!
    9-12 on the fan is cheap filler…

  • comment-avatar
    (Another) Andrew 5 years

    Sid: repeating the station ID after every question

    Maybe he wants to be the next Roger Lajoie.

  • comment-avatar
    ticky13 5 years

    Or they release podcasts in a form that are actually listenable, ie) the whole show and not chunks of segments.

  • comment-avatar
    ticky13 5 years

    I think it’s sad more than anything that so many people are listening to a show where they have absolutely nothing to talk about for an hour.

  • comment-avatar
    Ami_Angelwings 5 years

    “Sid in particular seems to have become overwhelmingly concerned with
    being zany and off-the-wall. In spurts it can be entertaining, but I
    became a listener to the podcast due to the quality of their debates not
    the frat boy shit. Tim is doing a really good job.”

    Those are my thoughts exactly, Mike in Boston! Sid seems to have become a cartoon character as the show’s gone on (including when he’s on PTS for roundtables or the 4pm hour). He seems to up that quotient when he’s arguing with people about things, and he goes over the top and you can’t even tell what he believes or is arguing for, and I think it really hurts the discussion because I want to hear people debate stuff. Tim IS doing a really good job and I’ve been impressed with him. Like you, I’m not impressed with the frat boy stuff, and I’d prefer more discussion and debate.

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    The 1.4 PPM bump HC gets, really isn’t impressive IMO. the the base audience seems to be 7.0. It is reasonable to assume that this core audience (7.0) is already tuned in, therefore only attracting comparable numbers of their rivals on TSN.