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Well, it sounds like les affair John Farrell is about to come to a close.

“There’s no question it gets done in my mind,” said one rival executive. “Toronto doesn’t want him there anymore.”

How long before he is in Boston and fans starting yelping about how we should have never let him go?

Could be an interesting weekend for the Blue Jays. Does MLB try to block out major team news during the World Series? If so it had better happen soon.

I suspect, by the way that folks will be surprised by what the Jays get in the deal.

Speaking of the Blue Jays, love him or hate him, and I know folks on this website are mixed at best, but good lord is Mike Wilner hilarious on Twitter:

Someone named @Bluejay790 tweets to Wilner, “Even if talks were to fall apart, I can’t see how JF can return, we all suspect he wanted out.”

Wilner’s response “Doesn’t matter what you suspect”

Nice to see the same, happy go lucky guy shows up in 140 characters as he does on the radio.

Interesting listening to Hockey Central today as the both Richie Rich MacLean and Kypreos are optimistic that a deal will get done soon. Both seem to think that they are pretty close to nailing the major issues. The same sentiment can be found in a few places.

Scott Morrison seems to think so too:

“If there is any reason for hope, any faint silver lining in that dark, dark cloud, it is that the league left the door open for a full season by cancelling just a week. But even more so, it is that both sides seem to be willing to settle for a 50-50 split after all. They just can’t agree, for now, when they get to that point in a new agreement. But that at least feels like progress.”

So too does Jeff Blair:

“When this lockout is done – and, believe me, it will be done and the boys will be back on the ice by the middle of next month at the latest, because everything you were treated to on Thursday was a dog-and-pony show of competing public-relations ploys – the players will have moved closer to the owners’ ideal than vice-versa. That was guaranteed when previous incarnations of NHLPA leadership and NHL players agreed to a salary cap and escrow payments, because the institution of a salary cap ensures a permanent tilting in the balance of labour power by placing artificial limitations on salary and movement.”

The most interesting read I have seen on the talks lately come from Damien Cox:

“On Thursday, he walked into a significant meeting with several NHL owners 90 minutes late, plopped down two single sheets of paper, each with a different skeleton proposal to the owners that didn’t include any ideas on systemic issues, then verbally delivered a third proposal with no accompanying paperwork. For all three proposals, he acknowledged to the owners he hadn’t actually “run the numbers.”

This from the leader of a union in a $3 billion business.”

That doesn’t seem to me that this is a guy who really cares about PR. I guess time will tell.

When it comes to talking the business of sports in Canada, or more specifically, the business of sports media in Canada, John Shannon is the guy. When it comes to talking about the actual sports…. Enter Mr. Magoo, whom, I think has many of the same sources on this stuff as Robert McCown:

Don’t you just love his blogs???

“However, I have been told that the next time Roberto Luongo plays in the NHL, he will play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is from a reputable source. End of story.”

Ahhhh yes, END OF STORY…


“I do not know who or what he will be traded for, and believe it or not, I don’t think general managers Mike Gillis and Brian Burke know either. The rules of any new collective bargaining agreement will dictate the actual transaction.”

Does that sound like end of story to you?

I’m not saying it’s not going to happen. Mirtle has an interesting read on why it should or could happen here. If it happens I guess he can say I told ya so now. If not, well, maybe he meant the plumber who is always on the radio in Toronto.

All I know is that for Shannon to drop a bomb like he did on TV the other night is highly suspect. All that was missing was the Magoo ranking, let’s call it JS 5- as in he is SURE it will happen.


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