Round & Round We Go John Farrell Style


“Farrell, who first asked Anthopoulos to consider the move over Thanksgiving weekend, got his wish late Saturday night when news that the Jays and Red Sox had agreed to a deal broke out of Boston — as it had over the entire process.”

So, in case there was any doubt we know for sure that Farrell asked for this.

“The Farrell mystique that was present in October 2011 when the Sox made their first arrogant attempt to steal the manager away from a division rival had largely disappeared by October 2012. The fact that Farrell did not tell Beeston and Anthopoulos he indeed wanted to stay in Toronto with the organization that gave him his first chance to manage in the big leagues, combined with the fact they were not ready to give him the extension that would have been required to keep him made the response to Boston different this year.”

Does that mean that Farrell turned down an extension???????? Hmmmmm

Some find this to be a major win for the Blue Jays:

“Sending Farrell to Boston in return for infielder Mike Aviles is the most one-sided trade in Blue Jays’ history.

It’s not nearly the biggest, and it may in the end have no real impact on the on-field product. But it is already a win.”

Wow, the rose fell of this bloom pretty quickly didn’t it??

Sandy Alomar Jr. is in the lead right?

Or is he….

“Anthopoulos said that despite numerous reports that Sandy Alomar Jr. is a top candidate to replace Farrell in Toronto he has nobody in mind at the moment.”

“I’ve read that there are guys who are front-runners for this job and so on,” he said. “There are zero front-runners.”

If you want to know who is in the field, i recommend reading Bob Elliott.

So, what does the foreign press think of the Jays, or is the those who cover the Jays, or their fans???:

“Farrell did a few funky things last year, like having his No. 3 hitter Brett Lawrie bunt in the fourth inning of a game against the Red Sox. If he’s Boston’s manager, he’d have to answer for that.”


So why aren’t the Blue Jays so upset here? Lots of people are asking the same question.

“That all may be true. But the nagging question here is, do the Blue Jays know something the Red Sox don’t? And after the Red Sox lit a fuse to their 2012 season by hiring Bobby Valentine, their track record isn’t exactly all that smooth in the managerial hiring department.”

I will admit it, I am surprised that more of the media aren’t following Steve Simmons’s lead:

“This is big business and the Blue Jays come off as small-timers here in this ugly mess of a transaction. This is major league sports and the small market Jays show themselves as little more than farm team for the large market Red Sox.”

Dont you agree Blue Jays fans? I mean forget all the BS being bantered around, the big bad Red Sox wanted out manager and we gave him up. What would you think if the Carolina Hurricanes did that to the Maple Leafs? Honest now….

In the end, isn’t this really about the Blue Jays GM?

“It’s just that this team keeps coming up small. Anthopoulos is usually pitch-perfect, but his responses to the constant stream of Farrell-to-Boston chatter that started a year ago sounded a little too credulous. He complained Sunday about “a lot of, to be completely candid, gamesmanship, that went on from a negotiating standpoint, not from our end.” He was disappointed the news leaked Saturday night from Boston’s end. As Anthopoulos put it, “We can’t control that, but that’s the game we’re in.”

i think Bruce Arthur is on to something.

“So when do the great days get here? When is Toronto someone’s dream job? When does this franchise start to truly feel like the small fish in a big pond? Of the 11 full-season managers this franchise has had, Farrell is just the fourth — along with Bobby Cox, Jim Fregosi and Jimy Williams — to manage somewhere else. It’s not that John Farrell is destined for greatness; it’s that he believes Boston might be, rather than here. And can you blame him, really? This is Toronto. The great days don’t come around much, anymore.”

Personally, i think this sums it up pretty well don’t you?

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth as well. I understand the unique set of circumstances that occurred in Boston and believe that when Farrell came to Toronto he never imagined Francona would leave the Red Sox on anything other than his own terms. The Blue Jays did get a major-leaguer for their manager, and any guy who actually contributes to wins on the field is worth more than any guy who sits in the dugout pushing all the buttons. But it still feels as though the Red Sox saw something they wanted that the Blue Jays had and without any consideration for what was happening in Toronto, came and took it.”

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