Someone Shoot The NHL Season Please


By all accounts last week, the season was going to saved. If not that, then the players would vote on the last proposal. Now? Crickets. We are right back to the part where both sides are in the corners pointing to the other side.

If I am a player, here is what I want to know. What happens if the players don’t blink. If the league cancels the season then what? What’s Fehr telling or promising the players?

Meanwhile, as annoying as it is that Bettman fines teams and owners for piping up, don’t you think it’s about time Fehr does the same thing to agents and especially players? For David Krejeci, perhaps a muzzle would be a better idea. Hate to cast a really wide net, but the more some of these guys talk the worse the players look.

Did you notice Damien Cox’s article in the Toronto Star?

“Not sure marginal NHL agent Allan Walsh realizes what a fool he’s making of himself on Twitter these days. He’s gone from being outspoken to idiotic . . .”


Curious, do you think he is right with this comment?:

“The worst thing about L’Affair Farrell from a Jays perspective is that it reinforces the perspective that Toronto is now a stop-over as a baseball city en route to something better.”

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