It Keeps Getting Worse For Blue Jays


“So it turns out that the Jays were already well aware of how Farrell felt about Boston and the possibility of him returning to the Red Sox even as the 2012 season played itself out.

The bottom line, the end result, the short term negative for the Jays as a major-league organization is that letting Farrell go to Boston is embarrassing and affirms the club’s position as a second-rate power, not only in the AL East but especially in the AL East.”

Alex Anthopoulos and Paul Beeston both had good reputations coming into this season. I am not comparing the two, but Beeston is perhaps the most beloved Toronto Sports executive since, well, maybe since ever. Anthopoulos? The boy wonder everyone wants to admire; me included. Is it me or is Anthopoulos a less small town version of Gord Ash?

Now it looks like they allowed a guy to manage their team who’s heart was in the heart of New England.

Richard Griffin finishes his excellent recap with an interesting, yet entirely accurate account of where things stand with the Blue Jays:

“It makes no difference what Farrell said about the Jays on Tuesday, the perception of the Toronto organization being second-class had already been there before and will be there long after the slap-in-the-face Farrell choosing Boston issue recedes into the mists of time.”

Over at the Sun, Steve Buffery also has an interesting thought on the subject:

“Holy crap, apparently nobody wants be in Toronto!

Next, we’ll find out that Beeston wants move back to Welland!

Perhaps in retrospect Anthopoulos should have sent Farrell packing a year ago, the first time Mr. Loyalty expressed his wish to go to Boston. A manager whose heart is somewhere else is not good for anything. Of course, Farrell assured everyone on Tuesday that his private pining for Beantown did not affect how he ran the Jays the past two seasons.”

Maybe I am alone on the island, but I think Beeston, and to a lesser extent Anthopoulos would have been much better served in tying the proverbial can to Farrell. If your manager or coach’s heart is with another team, why exactly do you want him running your team?

Ok, I get it, Farrell is a stand up guy, you can trust him, his integrity etc. They knew that if he was here he’d pour his heart in to it. Maybe he did. Remind me again, why would you want a guy who’s heart belongs to another team running your team???

The Blue Jays look weak and pathetic. They look like a minor league club. I don’t think they look nearly as vulnerable if they fired the guy.

Shi Davidi hit it right on the head:

“In hindsight it was a mistake to bring Farrell back, although that the position became vacant again so soon thanks to the comically inept rule of Bobby Valentine that followed Francona meant it was bound to be revisited, and it was.”

It’s hard for me to imagine what Beeston was thinking?

So, the NHL removed the muzzle on the owners/teams that they installed so that the players could get some answers about the last proposal. The shock, the horror….the, yawn. If the two sides are really all that worried about who is talking to who instead of actually negotiating a deal well, then they don’t deserve to get a deal done.

They need to stop focusing on the lamest of issues and actually get a deal done. Meet, don’t meet. Big issues or small issues. Show up early, show up late. Enough already. It’s bad enough that they piss all over the fans by not playing. It’s be nice if both sides could demonstrate an ounce of respect and end the stupid game playing too.


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mike in boston
mike in boston
October 24, 2012 8:58 am

Thanks for all the posts recently TSM.

Beeston and AA have definitely been flailing since the end of the 2011 season. I wonder what things would be like with a new President in place. AA seems to take his lead from Beeston in talking a whole lot while saying very little of substance. Since both are so widely loved by the media no one really holds their feet to the fire for the problems on and off the field.

Things changed from a media perspective at the end of the season with the Yunel issue, and the Farrell situation seems to have roused most of the media into looking more critically at the way the team is being run. McCown sounded positively irritated with AA during their PTS interview.

AA deserves a ton of credit for building a farm system that is widely regarded, though I have to wonder how highly it will be ranked this year after the paucity of decent arms at above the low minors was uncovered. No one really stepped up to claim any of the jobs vacated by injuries or trades. Some major upgrades are needed to make this team competitive, and Aviles is not going to make a difference to this team’s win total.

October 24, 2012 10:57 am

TSM, agree with MiB and glad to see you doing these posts

One thing (amongst the many) in this situation which seems
out of place is why after two days of intensive year end meetings would you ask
if Boston calls do you want out? Is it simply
a gut check or is it clear the gap is just too big and Farrell needs to go. Instead
of firing him you execute this transaction getting something in return for what
you otherwise would spend in having him sit. It creates a face saving situation
for Farrell in going to something rather than being punted and you get “a piece”.

Win-win except you lose based on misreading fan reaction as
well as the guy you just helped to his “dream job” throws accelerant on the
fire. It is not the first time that this management team has pooched the PR
side of things by allowing others to craft the message. It is interesting that former players Hentgen
and Alomar have shown up on the Fan expressing their disappointment in Farrell’s
preference for Boston
while under contract to the Jays. Their
message was simple if not obvious – better to find someone who wants to be here…

October 24, 2012 10:49 pm

The only one who hit the nail on the head was Greg Brady this morning
when he mentioned that none of the Toronto writers (I believe that was
how he described them) mentioned anything about how the Jays should dump
Farrell while he was still manager including up until the time he ended up leaving. Basically, without mentioning names Brady admitted these so-called insiders have no inside knowledge and if they do they don’t say anything about it until the event has already happened and we all know about it. Mind you, Brady didn’t mention any specific names so I’m only assuming he was referring to his fellow Rogers employees Davidi and Wilner.

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