Blue Jays Upset Over Coverage?


Word on the street is that the Blue Jays, specifically, Paul Beeston is none too pleased with the negative coverage his baseball team is getting. I’ve heard from numerous sources that he’s less than impressed with the Rogers all sports radio station and the coverage his team is getting.

One problem.

His team deserves it.

Good on people for calling Beeston and Co. out for their performance. They acted like and now look like fools.

They had a ton of good will heading into this season and now? Not so much.

Yes, I did hear Greg Brady taking the local baseball beat guys to task this morning. It is quite interesting that those who covered the team reported next to nothing that recommended Farrell’s termination, yet now many are calling for his head.

It’s one of the reasons why the term Insider is so misused. Can you imagine the NY Islanders signing a new lease in a different city and not one single reporter picks up on it? Not a sniff. (sorry, if someone suggested this as a possibility I didn’t see it anywhere) There aren’t enough planes to carry all the press who jumped on planes to cover all the Coyotes hearings and hear big news is happening in the big apple and no one knows a thing. Wild.

Does this sound familiar:

“Seriously, though, the time spent by both sides on meaningless, peripheral stuff boggles the mind. This week there was a kerfuffle over NHL owners and/or GMs being permitted to talk to players. Union folks and agents — want to find the really upset people here, talk to an agent losing income — exploded in self-righteous anger, slightly confusing given that they’d been complaining for weeks that owners and GMs were being muzzled.”

That’s from Damien Cox’s latest work. Sounds much like what I wrote last night. It’s great to hear someone else who sees through this load of crap and sees what both sides is doing as totally useless.

Here we are the day in which the NHL said a deal must be done in order to get a full season in and there is NOTHING to report. One party wants to meet for the sole purpose of saying that they are at least trying. The other side wont talk unless the other side will discuss their last offer.

It still boils down to really simple issues. The only ones really suffering right now are the fans and those who actually can’t afford for the rinks to be dark, the workers who work in and around the game. Owners aren’t feeling it yet and neither are the players. When enough of one side does, then they will be ready to talk.

I love the articles calling for Bettman’s head. Bettman is doing what the owners want him to do.

The Columbus Blue Jackets gain is HNIC’s loss. Nice to see JD lang another gig. Too bad for us, the hot stove hasn’t been the same since his departure.

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