Blue Jays Managerial Woes


It doesn’t take a genius to look at the mess the Blue Jays are in and find what could be be a contributing trend. They hire inexperienced managers who don’t go on to manage ever again.

Take a look at the list below, those who managed the Jays at least for a significant amount of games. It’s not overly impressive.

12 real managers, including 2 stints of Cito.
2 managed pro teams before their stint as Jays boss (not including Cito in round 2) Cox and Fergosi
2 have managed pro teams after leaving the Jays (not including Farrell in that he hasn’t managed the Red Sox yet). Cox and Williams.

Not to open this up again, but Cito Gaston won 2 world series and didn’t get another job until the Jays were desperate to hire him again!

You look at the track record below and it’s no wonder they are where they are.

Yes, this is a VERY important hire. History suggests we shouldn’t be overly enthused with their ability to make the right choice.

Oh, and say this about Farrell, unlike most of the other guys, at least someone wanted him after his stint in Toronto!

With all due respect to those who cover the sport formerly known as hockey, I didn’t hear or see one compelling thing to comment on today. October 25th and no one has anything to write or say. Thanks Commissioner Bettman, Mr. Fehr.

The difference between life here in the USA and back home; when I talk to my friends here who follow hockey, they are pissed but they have taken action, they’ve spent their entertainment dollars elsewhere. More NFL, more college, more soccer. They wont make the trips to rinks if they play this year and they won’t be buying the Center Ice package. Why? Money is tight and they spent it already.

Man, it certainly is quiet around the Toronto Raptors these days isn’t it?

Not to pick on the guy, but check out Damian Goddard’s twitter profile and you’ll have a good laugh. I don’t know if I though I had been fired for a “political view” I don’t think I would be parading (pun intended) that issue everywhere I possible could. You see him on these commercials here and you think he was a real star.

Lastly, not sure if you’ve tuned in lately, but Jeff Sammut has turned into a decent talent on the Fan 590. Who would have guessed that the guy who started off doing voice overs on the morning show could hold is own but he has. All that late night airtime experience has proven valuable.


Blue Jays Managers

Roy Hartsfield- Managed Blue Jays and that’s it.
Bobby Mattick- Managed Blue Jays and that’s it.
Bobby Cox- Managed the Atlanta Braves, the Blue Jays and back to the Braves
Jimy Williams- Managed the Blue Jays, The Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros
Cito Gaston- Managed the Blue Jays- and that’s it
Tim Johnson- Managed the Blue Jays – and that’s it.
Jim Fergosi- Managed the Angels, The White Sox, Phillies, the Blue Jays and that’s it.
Buck Martinez- Managed the Blue Jays and that’s it.
Carlos Tosca- Managed the Blue Jays and that’s it.
John Gibbons – Managed the Blue Jays and that’s it.
John Farrell- Managed the Blue Jays and now the Boston Red Sox.

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October 26, 2012 2:33 am

This is an extremely important hire. They need to go for a younger candidate and stick with them through thick and thin similar to what they did with Cox at the time (4 years), Cito (9 years, first time around), and Gibbons (4 years). They’ve had far too many short term hires that have not worked out recently and that has hindered to continuity and success. The unfortunate thing is that there are other teams out there (Rockies/Marlins) drawing from the same pool of candidates and the Jays probably can’t take as much time as they’d like.

October 26, 2012 2:41 am

Looking at that list, I think we’re the recent Montreal Canadiens of MLB. We hire a lot of first time coaches. Though, unlike them, our managers don’t tend to go onto greater success later.

mike in boston
mike in boston
October 26, 2012 10:21 am

i don’t think i’ve heard anyone discuss the following thought-experiment: how does the Farrell situation play out if the Jays have a veteran well-respect GM like Gillick or Cashman in place?

Does Beeston go over that GM’s head to do the deal with Boston? Does that GM step in and deal with the clubhouse issues himself? I’m curious what the Jays experts think about this. Maybe someone can tweet at them and ask.


The stories that are coming out about AA dictating keeping Vizquel and not benching Escobar in favour of Hech are obviously coming from Farrell. Farrell, in my view, really showed a lot of disrespect to AA when he said that AA would bolt to Montreal if he had a chance to be the GM there.

I just wonder if the way AA handles himself is part of the problem with the Jays.

October 26, 2012 10:31 am

Mattick had been in the organization as director of player development
when he was asked to take over from Hartsfield. According to Wikipedia,
he had turned down the job several times previously, and when he did
take it he wanted to manage in business clothes, rather than a uniform!
The Jays wanted him to continue managing but he wanted to step down. He
remained in the organization, eventually becoming vice president of
baseball in 1984. So I wouldn’t put him in quite the same category as
the others who never managed again. He was more of an organization man
who came out of the front office to manage and then went back.

October 26, 2012 12:33 pm

I agree with comment about the improvement of Jeff Sammut. Usually I turned him off late night, but he was much better this week as Blair’s replacement. I felt the same way about Matt Cauz, who previously I couldn’t stand. But he was excellent when he replaced Wheeler for a couple of weeks late night on TSN. He was very funny and hyper, a cartoon character in a good sense and perfect to listen to at night when studying. 1050 should put him in that time slot permanently with Wheeler(or solo), I think they would make a good team. Cauz is a distinctive TSN should use more often.

A not so good team is Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser. What’s happened to Shulman? I remember when he was teamed with Dave Campbell I would listen to the whole broadcast even if it was 8-1 after 2 innings, Shulman was that good. Now he seems pedestrian, and no better than John Schiambi. It’s funny how the chemistry with Campbell could make such a difference. Shulman’s basketball broadcasts with Dick Vitale have always been awful.

October 26, 2012 4:47 pm

I hate admitting it – but Cito Gaston was not my favorite Blue Jays manager over the past 25 years but he was definitely the best over that time. The worst? Definitely had to be a tie between Buck Martinez, Carlos Tosca and John Gibbons.

Itchy Butt
Itchy Butt
October 26, 2012 8:35 pm

As a comparison, Seattle has had 18 managers, but with some decent names in that lot.

Dick Williams, Lou Piniella, Bob Melvin, Mike Hargrove.

So while they had more turnover, they at least hired some “names”. Only Lou had a winning record over his career with the M’s.

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