All Eyes On Raptors & Blue Jays


Wow, what a weekend of sports, eh sports fans????

Now that the MLB playoffs are over, the TFC have finished off their worst season ever and oh yeah the NHL is fully in lockout mode it just got a hell of a lot warmer at Raptors HQ and of course the Skydome.

The Blue Jays are used to drifting off into the abyss as the rest of Toronto drowns in the annual pain that is life around the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Raptors, play second fiddle in the same market as the Leafs, regularly buried in the back of the sports sections of our papers.

Well, when the sun rises tomorrow, the MLB playoffs will be over, the Blue Jays will be facing an off season with no manager and having blown all the good faith they had earned heading into this season.

The Raptors??? Careful what you ask for. The Leafs aren’t making any noise and suddenly they will be the only team in town. Perform well, toast of the town. Fall out of the gate, and well suddenly all those eyes you had hoped for you have, but they aren’t exactly smiling eyes.

Two teams that have historically begged for equal time with the Maple Leafs, suddenly have it. Opportunity knocks…..

Speaking of which, with the Leafs on hiatus, baseball done, it’s going to be VERY quiet on the sports talk shows wouldn’t you say??????

You can’t really keep speculating on non-existing labor talks can you? I mean, it’s quite humorous to hear NHL team reviews or previews with no real signs of a season ever being played.

Happy Monday…


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