Prime Time Sports Review for Tuesday, October 30, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Doug Smith, Toronto Star basketball reporter

  • Smith talks about the Raptors and what to expect from Landry Fields and John Lucas III
  • Smith predicts 38 wins and 8th place in the East
  • Bob predicts 42 wins and 6th place, Smith says that’s very possible

Second segment: Interview with Buck Martinez, Sportsnet Blue Jays play-by-play announcer

  • Martinez comments on possible managerial candidates for the Blue Jays, lists Sandy Alomar Jr. and Matt Williams as likely candidates, thinks Ozzie Guillen is very very unlikely

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Elliotte Friedman co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet hockey analyst

  • Kypreos talks about the upcoming NYC Marathon which he’s going to run in and whether it’s going to happen
  • Kypreos discusses the NHL lockout

Second segment: Interview with Rob Becker, lawyer and Prime Time Sports legal analyst

  • Bob talks about a bill before the Canadian senate that would legalize single game sports betting, Becker says that a possible concern is that this may lead to corruption and game fixing
  • Bob says that legalizing sports betting won’t increase any chances of corruption at all, and that the criminals are already betting, but that all this will do is allow regular people to place small wagers

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Friedman discuss Ricky Romero getting elbow surgery and if the Jays hid the injury from the media

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Elliotte Friedman co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Richard Peddie, former President and CEO of MLSE

  • Peddie talks about MLSE’s involvement in the 2004 lockout and that MLSE wanted an earlier resolution that wouldn’t have cancelled the season
  • Bob asks Peddie who he’d rather have dinner with, David Stern or Gary Bettman, Peddie surprises Bob by saying Bettman, says that Stern is a very intimidating guy when he’s unhappy with you
  • Peddie says that he doesn’t understand why the NHL continues to prop up Phoenix

Second segment: Interview with Brian Cooper, Prime Time Sports Business Editor

  • Cooper discusses Peddie’s interview
  • Cooper talks about his memories of dealing with David Stern

Third segment: Interview with Brad Fritsch, Canadian golfer

  • Fritsch is on to talk about earning his PGA Tour Card at age 34
  • Fritsch says that it’s not that surprising because if you look at his stats, he’s been getting better every year (except one)
  • Bob asks if Fritsch would be hanging around the other Canadian PGA golfers, Fritsch said he might not because he doesn’t know them very well, and golf can be cliquey


I’m going to remember Bob’s prediction and remind him of it next year.  Whenever Bob makes a prediction (and even when he doesn’t) it always gets changed at the end of the year by one of his co-hosts and he gets ripped for it.  In the 2010 Blue Jay season, Bob predicted 83 wins when everybody else predicted in the 70s.  The team won 85, and Shannon claimed that Bob predicted 90, and mocked him for being so wrong.  I actually cited the show (because I’m a PTS nerd) in an email which is how Bob ended up remembering his real prediction.

This year, I don’t think Bob made any prediction at all for the Jays, but Brunt claimed he predicted 90 and was really optimistic, when in fact, Bob was oddly pessimistic when everybody else (like Brunt) was optimistic.  The problem is Bob doesn’t seem to remember his predictions, so people are able to convince him he was wrong when he wasn’t.

Kypreos really is mandated to appear on PTS every week isn’t he?  This is going to a long lockout.

I feel like Becker and Bob have had the same “ills of gambling” discussion so many times already.

The best interview of the show was Richard Peddie’s, and I didn’t expect that, because in the past his interviews have been typical executive interviews where they give you PR speak about how everything’s fine.  But I guess now that he’s retired and doesn’t need to worry about future employment, Peddie can be honest, and I thought this was a really great and refreshing interview.  I was especially shocked to hear him talk about Phoenix in the way he did, and that he agreed with Bob that it made no sense for the NHL to stay there.  I’m guessing that if he feels this way now, he probably felt that way before, and the Leafs probably weren’t happy at all propping up a money sucking franchise like that.

I also really enjoyed the Fritsch interview, because I thought that was another honest interview, and I think Bob got surprised by a few answers too (like about the Canadian golfers).  I like interviews that don’t sound like the rote “mediaspeak” responses we’ve come to expect from players and executives.

I think Friedman did a good job as Bob’s sidekick and refrained from sidetracking interviews into his personal anecdotes, which he sometimes does.  Bob, however, can’t tell his 2 David Stern stories enough lately it seems.   He almost told them again today, but was cut off because Cooper had already heard the story.

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Brian Gerstein
November 1, 2012 8:48 am

I caught the Richard Peddie interview, and in the past everytime he was on I would cringe, as he really knows very little about the actual sports themselves that MLSE owns in Toronto, but he often would comment as if he was the GM of the Leafs/Raptors. With Peddie it was more a case of “did he really say that”, and I would just shrug. I am sure that Burke/Colangelo would cringe everytime he would be on the air. When Peddie would comment on his actual role at MLSE he offered very little of substance, that is until this interview where he served up more juicy details on the innerworkings at top level management of MLSE with regards to the Commissioners they deal with than he ever did in all of the times he was on PTS when he was working.

If Peddie continues to be as open and frank as he was, I would actually want him back on a semi-regular basis, but I don’t know if he will, as I have a strong suspicion that the current GM’s once they get wind of what Peddie said, will call him up to shut him up. This is too bad, as I highly recommend this segment for anybody who missed it. The contrast between Bettman and Stern was eye-opening, and it is obvious that we have a much better conduit to the Commissioner in hockey versus basketball, which makes sense in a lot of ways, but ideally MLSE should have equal access on both fronts.

Finally, Peddie’s Phoenix comments if made when Peddie was working would have resulted in a HEFTY fine, done on the QT, that even Peddie’s great rel’ship with Bettman likely would not have been averted.

As far as Bob’s predictions, who cares? Predictions for a full season of any professional sport are a complete waste of time. The reason why is that there are so many factors that evolve over the course of a year, mainly injuries, that you can’t predict, which can make any prediction useless, i.e. the Blue Jays, who underachieved mainly due to their starting rotation being completely decimated and using their so called ace all year when he should have been either getting surgery or in the minors.

I am also so tired of the whole gambling thing being discussed once again with no new insights to it, and when Godfrey was on yesterday I learned nothing new. Yawn! Wake me up when something actually happens on this issue. Until then, I have heard it for so many years it is getting beyond tiresome and a really boring storyline. The government are complete morons for letting all of the money go offshore when if they do it right, and allow private companies already in the business that they regulate to operate, can take a cut out of all the hundreds of millions (estimating) in Canada that go off-shore. It is shocking to me that in 2012 they have just sat on the sidelines all these years doing nothing but lobbying/studies and missed out on the revenue.

November 1, 2012 4:28 pm
Reply to  Brian Gerstein

More gambling today.

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