Just What Is Going On With The Blue Jays?


“But here’s the thing: Only Anthopoulos knows the depth of the rot left behind, and only he knows the back-story”

The rot left behind??


Where did that come from?

“Are there things that need to be undone after a year under a manager who would be guilty only of human nature if he weren’t at least slightly distracted by the pretty young thing across The Fens? If so, who could do it? Another bright young thing who would be on the same page as Anthopoulos? A wiser, old hand? How much managerial experience does he need? Is winter ball and minor-league experience enough? How about major-league playing time – and how recent does it have to be?”

Guys like Blair spend a lot of time around the teams they cover.

They see things they don’t often report on and you have to wonder given this take by Blair, just what the hell is really going on with the Blue Jays.

More importantly, if things are indeed rotten, should Alex Anthopoulos be allowed to be the one to fix the rot???

Blair is the only writer I’ve seen who suggest there may be rot, let’s see what happens.

Still with the Blue Jays, I like this take by Stephen Brunt:

“spending money for the sake of spending money isn’t normally a sound operating philosophy. But the cynicism that crept into the conversation in the latter stages of this season, the rumblings about ownership being “cheap,” could quickly become corrosive, and erase all of those happy thoughts about the Jays’ bright future.”

All good will this version of the the franchise had is now gone. They need to hit home runs this offseason. The fan base is pissed.

Falling apart? 2 things. The CHLPA and the Markham NHL arena. Anyone surprised?

Kudos to Hockey Central guys for going Kiss for Halloween. Their show is doing strong despite absolutely nothing to talk about.

I know, you are all in a betting mood. Which outlet is going to nail the Jays skipper announcement? More importantly, will it be local or south of the border.


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