Prime Time Sports Review for Thursday, November 1, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Chris Tessaro, The Poker Show host, FAN590

  • Tessaro talks about the just finished World Series of poker, he explains that the slow, cautious play might be because the players did not split up the plot ahead of time
  • Tessaro reveals that the final players often have already divided up the prize money, so they can play more dangerously and it leads to more exciting plays
  • Tessaro thinks that poker is here to stay on TV and in our culture, and that even though they’ve gone back from their big surge, they’ve found their level
  • Tessaro discusses the possibility Canada may legalize single game sports betting

Second segment: Interview with Glenn Crouter, Woodbine Entertainment Vice President of Media Relations

  • Crouter talks about the upcoming Breeder’s Cup, says that Woodbine isn’t out of the running for future Breeder’s Cups but for the near future, they are
  • Crouter talks about other tracks closing down in Ontario due to the revenue sharing of slots with the government ending
  • Crouter talks about the details of the Breeder’s Cup, which horses to watch for

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Talk segment

  • Bob and Cox talk about the Raptors game, Bob is highly critical of Bargnani
  • Cox says the team is less than advertised, isn’t as impressed by Kyle Lowry as other media people

Second segment: Interview with Christine Brennan, USA Today

  • Brennan doesn’t think the NYC marathon should proceed as planned because of the hurricane
  • Brennan is highly critical of the decision to have the marathon

Third segment: Interview with Sam Consentino, Sportsnet reporter

  • Consentino is on to talk about his research into Derek Clarke, spokesperson for the NHLPA
  • Consentino says his sources tell him that Derek Clarke is actually Randy Gumbley, a convicted fraudster, and that he’s pretending to be Derek Clarke
  • Consentino explains that the link came from Georges Laraque identifying a picture of Randy Gumbley as Derek Clarke, and then retracting that

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with David Andrews, AHL President

  • Andrews talks about the boost in attendance and attention the AHL has gotten because of the NHL lockout

Second segment: Interview with Fred Gaudelli, Sunday Night Football Producer

  • Gaudelli says that the marquee match ups are 99% of the equation for whether a viewer flips over to watch football
  • Bob asks if Gaudelli is acknowledging that Sunday Night Football gets better match ups than ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Gaudelli says that historically that’s been true
  • Bob asks Gaudelli if the NFL will expand to other days now that they have Thursday night football as well, Gaudelli says he thinks there’s already enough football and there doesn’t need to be NFL every day

Third segment: Interview with Paul Jones and Eric Smith, Raptors radio commentary team, hosts of Hoops, FAN590

  • Jones and Smith disagree with Bob and Cox’s criticisms of the Raptors at the beginning of show, Jones says the shot Lowry took that Cox was criticizing him for, was a good shot
  • Jones says that Casey couldn’t use a timeout when Cox and Bob thinks he should have because you need to keep your timeouts for the end
  • Jones says that there weren’t any other options but to put Bargnani on David West, Smith points out that Bargnani limited West for 3 quarters
  • Jones and Smith talk about how impressed they are with Valancuinas


Wow, what the heck is up with Bob and Cox with the Raptors today?  I feel like all of the bad will the Jays generated at the end of their season, and all of the anger that was building up about them, just got unleashed on the Raptors.  How come Cox and Bob never talked about the Jays like this when they had players making bad mistakes for multiple games?  One game into the season, and Bob’s already decided the Raptors are awful.  It’s not that I’m defending the Raptors, I’m just kinda shocked how critical Bob and Cox were after a single game.  Usually, Bob’s like “it’s just the first game, we can’t say anything until XYZ games in”.  Cox says that too, especially when it comes to the Maple Leafs.  I wonder if it’s because this town, sporting wise, just feels so low right now?  So, any team that seems like it has hope gets really high expectations placed on it, and people react angrily if those expectations aren’t achieved, even after one game.

I’m glad Jones and Smith were on at the end to try to sort things out.  Cox was doing his usual thing with them though, where he’d just yell at them, and go “THAT’S WEAK, THAT’S WEAK” as a response to their points, rather than actually responding to them.

I really enjoyed the interview with Tessaro, even though I’m not a big fan of televised poker.  He seemed to really know the topic, and he was very informative.  I like how he explained why sometimes the final round of Poker tournaments might end up with less conservative play, because the players had already divvied up the money.

I’m amused that they’d rather have AHL talk on Prime Time Sports than CFL talk, especially with the 100th Grey Cup coming up.

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t caught up on the CHLPA stuff, so I enjoyed Cosentino’s segment about how Derek Clarke might actually be a convicted fraudster.

I hope Brunt is back next week, at the very least, so that somebody can calm Bob down if the Raptors lose again.  Brunt may not be a basketball expert, but he tends to be more mellow about the ups and downs of sporting teams.

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