Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, October 31, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

  • Deitsch talks about NBC getting the rights to the EPL over ESPN
  • Deitsch talks about the World Series ratings being low, that it’s related to the series lasting only 4 games

Second segment: Interview with David Shoalts, The Globe and Mail hockey reporter

  • Shoalts discusses the NHL lockout with Bob, thinks the NHL is in danger of losing casual fans

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bryan Colangelo, Toronto Raptors GM

  • Bob says that he got the impression the plan wasn’t to start Valanciunas, asks when the plan changed, Colangelo says that he always intended the Raptors to start Valanciunas
  • Colangelo talks about the L.A. Lakers and that he believes they’ll eventually get it together

Second segment: Interview with Paul Godfrey, OLG Chairman

  • Godfrey discusses the possibility of Canada legalizing single game betting

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob talks about watching the World Series of Poker

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Eugene Melnyk, Ottawa Senators owner

  • Melnyk talks about the NHL lockout and the effect on his team and employees
  • Melnyk is concerned about fans losing interest, mentions that he lost interest in baseball during the 1994 strike

Second segment: Interview with Butch Carter, former NBA head coach

  • Carter talks about the problems with the L.A. Lakers and that Mike Brown isn’t coaching them well
  • Carter talks about the Raptors and that Colangelo is under pressure to succeed and will be putting pressure on his coach to play certain players

Third segment: Interview with Wendel Clark, former NHL player, former Maple Leaf

  • Clark is on to talk about Movember and raising money for prostate cancer research
  • Clark briefly comments on the NHL lockout, says he sees both sides


I found it interesting that Bob never picked up from talking to Colangelo or Casey that they were looking at Valanciunas as a starter for this season.  It’s certainly the impression I got from them, and from the media in general.

I’ll be honest, I don’t find the gambling talk all that interesting, and it was even less so with Godfrey on doing “media speak” about it.  I did find it funny that he was claiming that there’s no plan to implement it since it’s still illegal.  I know he has to say that since you can’t admit to be planning to do things that aren’t legal, but I doubt anybody believed it.

I’m glad there’s more and more basketball talk now that the NBA season’s started.  I hope we’ll get more basketball analysts on too, and it won’t just be Bryan Colangelo getting to give the Raptors line every week.

Usually I like Shoalts, but today, his segment was really hard to listen to and pretty much meaningless.  But then, there really isn’t anything new to talk about with the lockout.  I didn’t think the Wendel Clark segment added very much either.

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Brian Gerstein
November 2, 2012 7:32 am

RE: Colangelo and him saying that Jonas was always going to start, that is COMPLETE BS!!!!!! I miss almost nothing on the Raptors, and NEVER was that stated by anybody. If what Colangelo is stating is factual, it was only known by him.

The media claimed all along that Jonas needed to show he has earned the starting spot, and in fact, it was not officially announced until well into the pre-season.

Personally, I never thought for one second that Jonas would not be starting, as how could Aaron Gray really start when you have a stud like Jonas who is not a typical rookie having played Professional European ball already. Regardless, I still stand that Colangelo is full of it on this one, for sure with relation to what was released or not released to the public on it.

I am still seething over the DeRozan extension, and can’t believe they locked up a player who is more detrimental to the team than an asset, and at 23 and three years in the league has shown me no real growth potential in many facets of his game. Why he was signed now when you didn’t have to was both reckless and has Colangelo reverting to his old ways. He was on a nice run as GM after he signed his shorter contract, that is until now. Jonas, Casey, and Lowry were great pick-ups, this however wasn’t, and the hardcore Raptor fans, and even the MSM’ers are shocked he did it, including normally suck up to the Raptors Doug Smith, and that tells you something.

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