Prime Time Sports Review for Wednesday, October 31, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

  • Deitsch talks about NBC getting the rights to the EPL over ESPN
  • Deitsch talks about the World Series ratings being low, that it’s related to the series lasting only 4 games

Second segment: Interview with David Shoalts, The Globe and Mail hockey reporter

  • Shoalts discusses the NHL lockout with Bob, thinks the NHL is in danger of losing casual fans

5pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Bryan Colangelo, Toronto Raptors GM

  • Bob says that he got the impression the plan wasn’t to start Valanciunas, asks when the plan changed, Colangelo says that he always intended the Raptors to start Valanciunas
  • Colangelo talks about the L.A. Lakers and that he believes they’ll eventually get it together

Second segment: Interview with Paul Godfrey, OLG Chairman

  • Godfrey discusses the possibility of Canada legalizing single game betting

Third segment: Talk segment

  • Bob talks about watching the World Series of Poker

6pm hour – Bob McCown hosting, Damien Cox co-hosting

First segment: Interview with Eugene Melnyk, Ottawa Senators owner

  • Melnyk talks about the NHL lockout and the effect on his team and employees
  • Melnyk is concerned about fans losing interest, mentions that he lost interest in baseball during the 1994 strike

Second segment: Interview with Butch Carter, former NBA head coach

  • Carter talks about the problems with the L.A. Lakers and that Mike Brown isn’t coaching them well
  • Carter talks about the Raptors and that Colangelo is under pressure to succeed and will be putting pressure on his coach to play certain players

Third segment: Interview with Wendel Clark, former NHL player, former Maple Leaf

  • Clark is on to talk about Movember and raising money for prostate cancer research
  • Clark briefly comments on the NHL lockout, says he sees both sides


I found it interesting that Bob never picked up from talking to Colangelo or Casey that they were looking at Valanciunas as a starter for this season.  It’s certainly the impression I got from them, and from the media in general.

I’ll be honest, I don’t find the gambling talk all that interesting, and it was even less so with Godfrey on doing “media speak” about it.  I did find it funny that he was claiming that there’s no plan to implement it since it’s still illegal.  I know he has to say that since you can’t admit to be planning to do things that aren’t legal, but I doubt anybody believed it.

I’m glad there’s more and more basketball talk now that the NBA season’s started.  I hope we’ll get more basketball analysts on too, and it won’t just be Bryan Colangelo getting to give the Raptors line every week.

Usually I like Shoalts, but today, his segment was really hard to listen to and pretty much meaningless.  But then, there really isn’t anything new to talk about with the lockout.  I didn’t think the Wendel Clark segment added very much either.

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