Cybulski & Co. Review for Monday, November 5 2012

By Alex


Thanks to Ami for allowing use of her review format and to TSM for the opportunity. These will hopefully continue as long as TSN 1050 keeps up their hour-long podcasts of the show.


4:00 Hour – James Cybulski, Bob Mackowycz hosting

Monday Co-Host:  Bruce Arthur of the National Post

First Hour Guest: Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star

Segment One: Weather and Argos

  • Show begins with talk about weather and raccoons in Toronto.
  • Talk about Argos playoff chances and will the team be embraced by fans

Segment Two: Raptors

  • Discussion about Raptors’ first win
  • Pros and Cons of DeMar DeRozan contract

Segment Three: Terry Bradshaw’s “bucket of chicken” comment

  • Did Bradshaw make racial statement or just clueless one?
  • Arthur brings up Bradshaw’s history of head injuries
  • Conversation swings back to Tyler Bozak Hallowe’en costume
  • Mackowycz asks if there is a double standard for “likable” celebrities

Segment Four: Sean Payton contract status

  • Will Sean Payton become a free agent if his contract is voided?
  • Discussion of possible destinations (Dallas, Philly, …)
  • “Redskins Rule” vis-a-vis team’s win/lose before US elections

5:00 Hour — Cybulski, Mackowycz, Arthur

Segment One: Bob McKenzie – TSN HockeyAnalyst

  • McKenzie is in Quebec for QMJHL vs Russians All-Star game
  • Discussion of series vs Russians
  • Update on NHL negotiations between Bill Daly and Steve Fehr
  • Discussion of importance sports as live programming to TV networks

Segment Two: Baseball Free Agency

  • Discussion of Josh Hamilton and where he might sign
  • Would Hamilton’s injury history and substance abuse problems limit offers?

Segment Three: Herman Edwards, ESPN Football Analyst

  • Play tape of Indianapolis coach Chuck Pagano’s locker room speech
  • Weekend NFL Talk
  • Herm would still take Andrew Luck over Robert Griffin III with first pick
  •  Discussion of Bradshaw and Payton stories

Segment Four: Fab Five

  1. Easier or Harder to fill NHL void than in 2004-2005?
  2. Is Toronto ready to jump on Argonauts bandwagon if they win in playoffs?
  3. Should Bradshaw have given an on-air apology?
  4. In hindsight, would you have drafted Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger in 2004?
  5. Does Wayne Gretzky rank in pantheon of athletes with Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali?

6:00 Hour — Cybulski, Mackowycz, Arthur

Segment One: Eric Tillman Firing

  • Discussion of Edmonton Eskimos firing Eric Tillman
  • Was Tillman angling for other jobs?
  • Discussion of Don Matthews illness

Segment Two: Dave Naylor, TSN Analyst

  • More CFL Talk, including Tillman firing
  • Brief mention of CHLPA story

Segment Three: Blue Jays Free Agency

  • Targets for Blue Jays in Free Agency
  • Discussion of short-lived Mike Aviles era
  • What’s relationship now between Blue Jays and fan base?

Segment Four: Wrap-Up Talk

  • Replay and discussion of Chuck Pagano speak


I like the recent addition to Cybulski’s show on Monday’s of an extra guest in the Monday 4:00 hour, to give the show a mini-Roundtable format. I think today may have been the first time Feschuk has done it. It seems like Simmons and Naylor have also done it recently. I don’t know this for a fact, but it might be related to those writers being in the building for taping Off The Record. (I can’t see the show in the states, so I am only going by what is listed in the TSM Daily Line-ups.)

I hadn’t taken note before when I listened, but there does seem to be a good amount of topic repetition on the show. The Terry Bradshaw comments from Sunday came up in three segments and the Chuck Pagano came up twice. A certain amount of duplication can be expected on sports talk radio, where the average listener only hears a small segment of the show, so repeating points makes sense. But it can be a detriment to the small (vocal?) minority who listen to shows in their entirety.


Note: Can’t always promise quick turnaround on recaps. Between work, sleep and when podcast show up on itunes, could be delay. I was off work today, so got to listen in real time.

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