Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, November 2, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Jack Armstrong, Toronto Raptors colour commentator and analyst

  • Armstrong talks with Bob about the decision to continue with the NYC marathon, thinks it’s a bad idea
  • Armstrong discusses the Raptors’ season opener with Bob, thinks there were good and bad things, thinks Bargnani did a good job getting David West into foul trouble at the beginning of the game, and that the Raptors should have switched to double coverage
  • Bob thinks that the game was a disaster and it was a horrible loss, thinks Bargnani played terribly and shouldn’t have been guarding West

Second segment: Interview with Glenn Healy, CBC hockey analyst

  • Healy talks about how resilient New Yorkers are
  • Healy talks about the lockout, thinks that Bob’s idea that the owners will throw open the doors and let any players who want to cross the line to come in would have a lot of legal issues to traverse
  • Healy thinks that both sides are close, Bob thinks that they aren’t, they might be close economically but are light years apart philosophically
  • Bob asks Healy about the CHLPA, Healy says that it’s too bad that they were run by sketchy people because it could have helped the kids
  • Healy doesn’t think that a union is necessary though, and says that it’s still a volunteer league and the players don’t have to play

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, John Shannon, Michael Grange and Elliotte Friedman

First segment: Discussion about various things

  • Segment starts with talking about Senators owner Eugene Melnyk possibly being disciplined for his comments about the NHL lockout on Prime Time Sports
  • Topic then turns to Toronto Raptors, Bob and Friedman jump on Bargnani, Grange explains that Bargnani’s a good offensive player and is an underpay at his current contract
  • Bob gets breaking news that the NYC marthon has been cancelled, the roundtable discuss that decision, agree it’s the right one

Second segment: Discussion about the NYC marathon cancellation and L.A. Lakers

  • The roundtable continues to discuss the NYC marathon being cancelled
  • Bob brings up the Lakers, Grange says the problem is that Mike Brown is trying to change the way Steve Nash plays and that’s stupid, Bob says that Brown has a point that Nash never won in Phoenix, Shannon disagrees with Grange as well

Third segment: Discussion about the NYC marathon cancellation

  • More discussion about the cancellation and about Bloomberg as a mayor

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Discussion about the cancellation of Winter Classic

  • The roundtable discusses the impact of losing the Winter Classic
  • Friedman says that some players think that the Winter Classic could be reinstated if a deal is struck later, Shannon keeps interrupting him
  • Bob says that he’s heard the hawkish owners are starting to win support among the owners

Second segment: Discussion about the CHLPA leadership controversies

  • Friedman and Shannon think that the problems with the credibility of the CHLPA heads have set the movement back hundreds of years
  • Grange says that Laraque didn’t self appoint himself as Bob said, but was approached, Bob scoffs at this
  • Friedman compliments the CHL for addressing some of the issues that the CHLPA brought up, Bob says this wouldn’t have happened without the CHLPA

Third segment: What are the Blue Jays?  Will they spend?

  • Bob says he has no idea whether the Jays see themselves as a small market team or if they will spend
  • Pointless bickering ensues


That was probably the worst roundtable I’ve heard in a long time.  Everybody was interrupting each other, mocking each other, and dismissing each other’s arguments without addressing them.  It started at the beginning with a 3 on 1 with Grange trying to explain to the other three that one loss at the beginning of the season wasn’t the end of the world, and that Bargnani is not as terrible a player for his price as they think he is.  The problem with Grange is once he meets resistance, he starts pulling back his argument and making it vague and circuitous.  It’s not that I necessarily agree with him, but I would have liked to hear more of a debate about this.  Bob’s insistence that it’s all doom and gloom didn’t help anything either.

They all seemed on the same page for the NYC marathon segments, but during the LA Lakers discussion, Grange and Shannon got into it about how Steve Nash was being used.  Then it all exploded when they talked about the lockout and nobody would let anybody speak for more than a couple of sentences.  Friedman answered a question Bob wasn’t asking, and Bob got mad at him, and then Friedman made some sort of weird joke that I think was meant to be a sexual innuendo.  Shannon then interrupted Friedman several times when Elliotte was just trying to say that a couple players don’t think that the NHL is being honest about the Classic being cancelled.  And he didn’t just interrupt him, Shannon moved the goalposts too.  First he acted as if Elliotte was the one saying it, and asked how he knew this.  Of course, Friedman had no chance to finish speaking yet, and Shannon had already jumped to confusions.  Then Friedman explained it was what NHL players had said, and Shannon screamed about who reported them saying it, and acted as if Friedman didn’t really know.  Then Friedman said Toews said it, and Shannon then says “and what does Toews know about making an NHL schedule!?” or something like that.  Either way, it was ridiculously annoying, and Shannon just wouldn’t let Friedman finish talking before setting up his counter attack.

Given that I know what Grange thinks about the CHLPA situation from his Sportsnet article, I’m pretty sure he wanted to talk more about how he feels the CHLPA has some good points in their grievances, but shut up when Bob started to yell at him about Laraque.  All Grange was trying to say was that from the information we have, Laraque was approached by the CHLPA, and Bob wouldn’t even let him finish talking.

And then it all finished off quite nicely in the Jays segment where Friedman responds to Bob’s angry ranting by saying that the Jays should sign Dan Haren, which was a bit of a non sequitur since Bob was asking what the identity of the Jays is.  Grange mocked Friedman for his response, and then proceeded to start his own response to Bob and then Shannon interrupted and mocked Grange’s response.  And then my brain leaked out of my ears.

Dear Prime Time Sports: never have these four together on a show again.

(Oh and I’m glad that Jack Armstrong was there to provide a little balance to Bob’s anger about the Raptors losing one game.  This is going to be a long season if Bob is going to act like this after every loss.)

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