Toronto Sports Media Weekend Wrap-Up


Interesting weekend in the wide world of sports. Here are the things that made me go hmmmmm:

I don’t know what the hell is going on with the CHLPA, but I am pretty sure that David Naylor is all over it. He’s nailed a few stories on this one that every one else seems to have missed. (yes you read that right) does a nice job summing up the story here

I’m sure you’ve heard all the same stories about the on-goings in the ranks of jr. hockey. It’s a mess that needs cleaning up, oh and by the way they need to clean up the GTHL while they are at it too, in my opinion.

You know that I find great humor in the one sided, extremely predictable works of Larry Brooks. You know they are going to be anti NHL, pro NHLPA, anti John Tortorella or pro NY Ranger. Having said that his column today contains some gems that I am hoping the PA and NHL paid some attention to:

“If the cap reaches $88 million — and it will at 50-50 before all that long if revenues continue to increase at historical rates—then the $72 million floor will represent 81.8 percent of the ceiling.

Forcing teams to hit the floor increases escrow and complicates make-whole. The answer is to set the floor at a percentage rate of the cap — say, 65 percent rather than the $16 million hard number — which would thus minimize escrow and diminish the make-whole gap to a workable number.”

This is bang on. It’s the calculation (or lack there of) of the floor that has killed the small market teams. The floor was a bone thrown to the PA last time around, it’s the one item in the CBA that needs to be changed ASAP.

“Cap the players at 51 percent of hockey-related revenue but guarantee the players 49 percent. Combined with a lower floor, this diminishes the chance the league would ever have to issue make-whole checks to the union following any season.”

Seems like a good compromise to me.

Kudos to Brooks for submitting to good ideas that I’d like to see in the new CBA.

Speaking of CBA, the last item on Fox News evening news tonight here in the USA was the NHL lockout. No news, just mention that the two sides chatted without reaching a new deal. Quiet news Sunday I guess.

Remember that David Shoalts gaff on how Ice Edge Holdings was going to buy Manchester United as opposed to the Phoenix Coyotes? Well Shoalts hit one out of the park again late last week.

“The NHL will not cancel the Winter Classic on Friday and is not expected to do so before Nov. 15.”


Shoalts suggests three sources in his story. Unfortunately, Mssrs Curly, Larry and Moe were wrong on this one too.

Have you been following the Twitter battle between Alan Walsh and Darren Dreger? It’s been going on for a long time and it’s quite humorous. For full disclosure purposes Walsh has blocked me from Twitter. I never met a thin skinned agent before, but there ya go.

“Interesting that person with breaking news last night claiming NHL made “large step” “major concession” and “considerable concession”

“turns out to be wrong, criticizes NHLPA leader for sending memo to his players and refuses to report there was no “offer”. (2)”

Part of Walsh’s latest tweets against Dreger.

“Huh? Wait on breaking news. Do I really need to explain this to you?”

“As for good journalism. Any time you want to compare ethics and integrity…let me know.”

Great stuff.

Happy Monday!


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