Moving A Team, Not That Hard…


So the Brampton Battalion are on the move.

“The Battalion, which has struggled to consistently draw fans since entering the OHL in 1998-99, is in the final few months of a 15-year lease with the Powerade Centre in Brampton.”

Imagine that, moving a team which struggles to consistently draw fans. A novel idea.

Bettman, anyone, Bettman…..

The more I read on tomorrow’s talks the more I am confused as to why the location of the meeting is public once again. Am the only one who wouldn’t care if the reporters were camped outside of the meetings all day? Honestly, the news will break irrespective of where the reporters are.

Did you read Damien’s latest blog?

“The incredibly frustrating thing for hockey fans and anybody who cares about this industry is that it looked this way last spring, and nobody did much to make sure it didn’t happen. The script went as logic dictated it would.”

So true, so pathetic. Only ones who got screwed are the fans and anyone who actually relies on the game for their income- i.e. arena workers and area bar/restaurant/shops.

Bob Elliott says Art Howe wants to manage the Blue Jays. Do you want Art Howe to manage the Blue Jays?

Honestly, can you think of anyone’s opinion you could care less about when it comes to hockey then Don Cherry?

So I keep hearing rumblings of a window opening that would allow a change to their Toronto radio morning show. Question is do they want to make a change?

I hate when my friends on Facebook or some other site tell their friends what to do, so I won’t do that, but I do suggest you check out our newest contributor who has offered to review TSN radio’s drive home show. Alex’s first post is up and it’s really good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no one listens to the station. Well, I think Alex is going to do a damn god job telling you what your missing.

What do you know, Mr. McGoo and I agree on something???:

“Larry Brooks of the New York Post wrote a great column about the cap system and how the cap floor was becoming more and more arduous to small-market teams as NHL revenues (and the cap) increased. Brooks’ point about making it a percentage of the cap is a good one. In fact, I have been told that it has been considered over the summer, but still is not part of any proposal. What it does do, is make the floor much more attainable for teams with financial stress. As we all know, for some teams, getting to the floor come hell or high water has become a real issue. Changing from a hard number (like $16 million) to a percentage (like 70 percent) is fair.”

So, it’s election day here in the USA. I call Obama, easy, over early. It’s going to be a lot like most Superbowls, individual state ballot votes will be more interesting than the actual Presidential election itself.


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