Meet Calgary & Rogers Own Modern Day Harold Ballard


Remember when Harold Ballard fondly remembered the Korean airliner that was shot down over Russian air space? “Remember the KAL Disaster” is what Pal Hal put on the scoreboard.

Well, meet Dean (Boomer) Molberg, radio host of the Rogers’ owned radio station in Calgary.

What did Boomer do?

In case you have not heard, Boomer took to the air and said that he hoped the Roughridgers'(there is only one these days) airplane would crash on the way to Calgary,enroute to the next game and that four members of the team would die.

Boomer got blasted on twitter for saying such a stupid thing and things ,not surprisingly got to the point where he has had to issue an apology.

His apology can be summed up this way “It was clearly not thought out, for if it was I’d have never said it.”

Ya think?????

I am not trying to be holier than thou here. We all say stupid things. There should be a higher standard on the airwaves don’t you think.

I am really curious as to what Rogers who owns the station does about this.


You can read more here

No, he is not really Harold Ballard…..

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