Prime Time Sports Review for Friday, November 9, 2012

By Ami Angelwings

4pm hour – Bob McCown hosting

First segment: Interview with Bob Elliott

  • Elliott and Bob discuss their favourite memories of old winter meeting
  • Elliott discusses the Jays moves so far, and who they might go after
  • Both Elliott and Bob think that Anibal Sanchez is worth $90 million over 6
  • Elliott agrees with Bob that Farrell shouldn’t have been allowed to leave to Boston because it makes the Jays look small time

Second segment: Listener calls with Bob McCown and interview with Jeremy Roenick, former NHL player

  • Calls are about the Blue Jays
  • Roenick comes in and Bob talks to him about his new book

5pm hour – Roundtable discussion with Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, John Shannon and Doug Smith

First segment: The CFL in Toronto

  • The roundtable discusses Eric Tillman being fired in Edmonton and possibly coming to Toronto
  • Bob points out how poor the attendance at Argo games is, and that the numbers are inflated
  • Brunt talks about how there’s been little talk about the Argos and the CFL in general on the FAN590 and that the Argos have fallen off the map, Smith agrees
  • Shannon thinks the CFL is still quite strong in Ontario in terms of TV ratings

Second segment: What are the Jays doing this offseason?

  • Bob reiterates his desire to know what Jays management plans to do in terms of spending money
  • Brunt says it’s interesting that there’s still such a strong Jays conversation among the fanbase despite the lousy end to the season
  • Smith and Brunt think that the Jays will make big splashes this offseason, Bob doesn’t think so

Third segment: Random talk

  • Shannon says that the road-heavy Raptors opening schedule is because of the ACC being booked for the Leafs
  • Smith points out that the Raptors are playing at home on a Saturday during Hall of Fame weekend, everybody agrees this makes no sense
  • Roundtable discusses Jerry Jones as owner of the Dallas Cowboys

6pm hour – Roundtable continues

First segment: Discussion of the NHL lockout

  • Brunt thinks that the danger this year is not that fans get angry, but that fans get cynical and don’t care
  • Bob says that people haven’t talked to him about the lockout and seem apathetic, Shannon says people talk to him about the lockout constantly

Second segment: Discussion of the Lakers firing Mike Brown, who should replace him as coach of LA?

  • Smith explains that Brown tried to force the players to learn an offense rather than building an offense around the players
  • Bob thinks that Butch Carter would be a great coach for the Lakers
  • Smith agrees that Carter is a good coach, but that it will probably be somebody like Phil Jackson, or Mike D’antoni

Third segment: Prime Time Bullets

  • First bullet is about the Rockford Icehogs having a Hispanic Heritage weekend with all sorts of Mexican stereotypes as gimmicks, Bob thinks this is incredibly offensive
  • Second bullet is about the coaches that may be fired and hired in the NFL
  • Third bullet is about the NFL fining a player for faking an injury, Bob rants about faking in soccer, Brunt dodges Bob challenging him to name a soccer player who hasn’t faked an injury in his career
  • Fourth bullet is about Mark McGwire saying he doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame, Shannon agrees


Despite Shannon being on this roundtable, I didn’t mind it that much.  I think this is because Brunt and Smith had good chemistry and the two of them, with Bob, made this an interesting roundtable.  I think the only time I found Shannon really annoying was during the Jays segment because he kept trying to interject with stuff that showed he didn’t really follow the Jays or baseball.  Also, during the lockout segment he pointed out that people talk to him about the lockout a lot, without understanding that the reason probably is that he’s John Shannon, pal of Bettman, and he hangs out with a lot of hockey people.  Naturally, this would lead to a lot of people talking to him about the lockout.

At this time last year, during one of the roundtables, Smith and Brunt made the same prediction they made this year about the Jays spending money.  I’d need to go back and check the podcast for the exact date, but I distinctly remember Smith being very excited about the Jays going into the Winter meetings, and he was saying that it was going to be big and Alex is going to do something big.  Brunt was saying similar things, that things had changed for the Jays and they would be spending money on Fielder or Darvish.  They were obviously both wrong last year.  I guess we’ll see about this year.

I actually enjoyed the CFL talk.  This isn’t because I’m a huge CFL fan, but I enjoy some variety in the topics, and I like it when Bob and Brunt talk about the greater culture of things, and the business of leagues.  I do think that it’s a little presumptuous to say that because PTS doesn’t talk about the CFL, nobody cares, because other shows and stations talk about the CFL, and obviously there are people that care.  I don’t know what the deal is with PTS and the CFL this year, but just because Bob doesn’t want to talk about something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something that people no longer care about.

According to the comments on this blog, Brunt and Bob’s numbers regarding the CFL weren’t correct either, nor were Shannon’s about the popularity of the CFL.  I don’t know anything about this, so I can’t comment.

I’m pretty sure I heard Shannon trying to say something throughout the Lakers coaching discussion, but he ultimately quieted down as Doug explained quite thoroughly why Mike Brown was the wrong coach for that team.  Given his argument with Grange about this issue, I’m pretty sure he was about to defend Brown again, but Smith isn’t Grange, and doesn’t take a circuitous route to make his case.  I think Smith explained the situation quite well, and it allowed the discussion to proceed to who should replace Brown rather than get bogged down into an argument about basketball strategy.

I don’t mind if Bob and his older friends, like Elliott, talk about their memories of things as long as the stories are new and entertaining.  I enjoyed Elliott’s stories today, and they did get into some Jays talk afterwards which I also found interesting.

In general, I rate roundtables by their listenability, and whether I delete them right after I write a review or keep them around to listen to again during the weekend.  This is one I would listen to again, so I think this was a decent roundtable.  I still wish they would stop booking Shannon onto the roundtables though, at least as long as there’s no NHL.  I would have enjoyed Perkins in his place, or even Friedman.

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