Toronto Sports Fans Are Screwed


Q: How do you know when a liar is lying?
A: When he moves his lips.

Q: What do sports teams do when they can’t win?
A: They sell the sizzle, not the steak.

“There are only four types of fans,” he said. “But the group which I think is most important are the people who just come because it’s fashionable. And social media can make something fashionable or not. As well as winning.”

That from Keith Pelley, Rogers media President. You know Rogers, the group that just MLSE, Raptors, Leafs and TFC also the owners of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The most important fans are the people who just come because it’s fashionable?

Take that seasons ticket holders!

Social media can make something fashionable????

“Honey, I read on facebook tonight that the Blue Jays are playing, you know we should really take the kids.”

Yeah, that’s something I can see happening.

When the Blue Jays moved to the Dome, it was the place to be seen. Remember the media types grumbling about how quiet the dome was despite being full? The dome stayed full simply because the Jays were winning.

When the Blue Jays bubble burst, there Zuckerberg himself couldn’t have made that team “fashionable”

No amount of social media will make the dome the place to be.

You can tweet, poke, instagram, tumble, stumble, digg until you are Blue in the face and Jays games won’t be “fashionable”.

Win and the dome will fill up.

Win and you will attract those “most important fans”

If this is what Kelly is focused on, we are doomed.

Speaking of doomed. Timing does not appear to be on the Raptors good side. With the entire market to themselves they fall out of the gate to a numbing 1-6. Tank nation Raptors style? Let me guess, the 2013 draft class is shaping up to the worst one on record….

Blue Jays fans, are you bothered by the fact that nearly all major news stories about our team originate south of the border? I polled a few bloggers, MSMers and die hards and they were all hard pressed to find the last time a member of the Blue Jays MSM press core broke a major news story.

With Gores internet and Pelleys social media, it’s easy to find content irrespective of it’s point of origin, but do you care that all the big stories originate elsewhere?

I feel badly for Mats Sundin. He goes in to the hall in a year when there’s no game to honor those being honored. Yeah, yeah, yeah, when they play again they will do the tribute. It still sucks.

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