Cybulski and Company Review, Monday November 12 2012

by Alex

Live from Hockey Hall of Fame

4:00 Hour co-host Bob Mackowycz

Segment 1

* Live from HHOF
* discussion of inductees
* Bettman and Fehr at HHOF

Segment 2 – Argos playoff talk

* recap of playoff game
* Milanovich keeping enthusiam down
* looking ahead to Montreal
* why wasn’t dome open
* Cybulski think argos should have offered cheap tickets

Segment 3 – Herm Edwards ESPN

* review of NFL sunday games
* Houston vs Chicago recap
* concussion talk – dilemma for head coaches
* Falcons first loss
* Can Saints orCowboys make playoff push?
* Annual mid season swoon for Giants?
* NY teams having post Sandy struggles?
* MNF preview

Segment 4 – Fab Five

1. Should Sundin’s number be retired?
2. Black cloud or break from lockout?
3. Did Toronto get behind Argos Sunday?
4. Lakers coaching change. Right move?
5. Is there a place for ties in sports?

5:00 Hour

segment 1 – James Duthie, Pierre LeBrun

* discussion of inductees
* future inductees – lindros? Shanahan?
* Sundin being first ballot HOFer
* Sundin vs Vince Carter
* Sundin’s international career
* lockout talk

Segment 2 – Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun

* Sundin vs Vince Carter
* evolution of Sundin appreciation

Segment 3 – Steve Simmons & Gino Reda, TSN

* discussion of inductees
* Quoteless Joe Sakic
* one HOF inductee you’d take in a Game Seven
* the second assist

Segment 4- CFL playoffs

* Drew Tate halftime interview
* NFL vs CFL concussion protocols
* Simmons think he was being glib
* Cybulski asks “what if he died? ”
* Simmons sticks up for sideline doctors
* Cybulski again complains about dome & ticket prices
* Simmons thinks 25,000 is good turnout if accurate

6:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Pat Quinn, Borje Salming

* Quinn had ties to 3 of inductees
* Salming discusses Sundin’s career in NHL and Sweden

Segment 2 – HHOF Clips , Cliff Fletcher

* replay of Sakic on Brian Hayes show
* replay of Sundin interview
* Fletcher discusses Trading Wendel Clark for Sundin

Segment 3 – HHOF talk : Ron Ellis

* Ellis discusses Summit Series anniversary
* HOF talk

Segment 4 – HHOF talk: Ron Francis

* Francis discusses inductees

Photo available here

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Nan Young Lee
Nan Young Lee
November 14, 2012 1:10 pm

Where’s the review? This was a very good show. Cybulski shows more urgency than when in the studio. Bob Mackowycz was excellent as always ( I liked his question of why are there 2 assists in hockey and only 1 in basketball) . He was the producer on the Landsberg’s Off the Record show and the one responsible for its success over the years. Landsberg always gives him credit for inventing that genre of sports talk, and making a ton of money for TSN. Maybe he should be put in charge of 1050 (I’m sure he wouldn’t have let Tim and Sid go to 590). He seems much more intelligent than the normal sports jock(ok not very high praise,but he’s very smart), with interesting views on sports, music , politics and culture;also has the perfect radio voice. Look forward to he and Cybulski’s take on the trade and of course Bob’s take as well. If he ever left 1050, he would be a perfect co-host for Blair – younger and hipper.

Darren Johnston
November 14, 2012 4:54 pm

This is a recap not a review!

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