Prime Time Sports Review – Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Prime Time Sports 14 November 2012

by Alex

4:00 hour – phone calls

* discussion of Blue Jays / Marlins trade

Notes: A caller suggests anthopolous be Leafs GM. remember when Bob stopped taking phone calls? those were the days.

5:00 hour John Shannon co-host

Segment 1 – Rob Becker

* discussion of bumping Serena for trade talk
* Shannon compares trade to Gilmour trade
* Bob and Shannon argue about preponderance of hockey talk
* Bob asks why Marlins fans were surprised
* discussion of Jeffrey Loria and fishiness of deal
* Becker says Loria “is slimeball but not fraudster”
* Bob brings us how fire sales have led to future titles in the past
* Discussion of how many major leaguers Marlins got in deal
* Bob says Expos 2002 lawsuit isn’t relevant.
* Bob says Expos were moved for not being successful, for whatever reasons
* Bob says Marlins catering to Hispanic audience
* Becker violently disagrees with idea of teams targeting ethnic fans
* Bob points out the Canadiens do it and Becker hates that too
* Shannon gives history lesson about Canadiens history
* Bob says Habs owners have to choose whether to market to English or French fans
* Becker compares it to NBA teams having token white players on bench
* Becker says teams can compromise winning by having ethnocentric rosters
* Shannon brings up Business potential if Nash had gone to Raptors
* Shannon discusses need for Habs to have bilingual coach

Notes: Does Bob not remember that Loria was not behind the 1997 fire sale in Miami? Becker on fire again with his ethnographic argument. I wonder if he knew about futbol teams that only sign certain ethnic or national players (chivas, athletic bilbao).

Segment 2 – Stephen Brunt

* grumbling about Bob and Brunt doing pre-tapes for TV
* Brunt brings up his roundtable prediction about Blue Jays making a big deal
* Shannon asks why Marlins were so bad last year
* Brunt mention convergence of Jays wanting to spend and Marlins to sell
* Discussion of current li e-up vs AL east
* Bob says this trade bigger than Carter/Alomar trade
* Shannon says deal makes team more attractive to potential managers
* Bob doesnt care who manager will be now
* Will former Marlins say good or bad things about Guillen?
* Brunt talks about fans relationship to Rogers
* Are Jays done with dealing?

Notes: Brunt is bullish on deal. Bob says he was only touting Guillen for comedy purposes.

segment 3 – open segment

* Will Serena call in next hour?
* Shannon talks about spending $$$ at Costco
* More trade talk

Notes: A Shannon story. Everyone loves those.

6:00 hour

Segment 1 – Jonah Keri, Grantland

* Bob recaps parameters of trade
* Shannon discusses 2012 year forMarlins
* Jonah gives capsules of Marlins players
* Jonah doesn’t think this elevates Jays into contention
* Jonah handicaps AL East race in 2013
* Jonah gives capsules of Jays players traded
* Bob asks if Loria can ask for patience
* Jonah says just look at 2012 Athletics
* Jonah compares Reyes to Escobar as all around SS
* Bob asks about Marlins acquiring Hispanic players
* Jonah poo poos idea around marketing around ethnic players
* Shannon says Marlins tried marketing around Guillen
* Jonah drops term “cultural anthropology”
* Jonah discusses attendance vs payrolls for 2013 Marlins

Notes: the idea of “marlins acquiring Hispanic players” seems to be the latest idea Bob will not let go, in discussing this trade. Jonah is almost too level headed to be a regular PTS guest.

Segment 2 – Serena Williams

* Bob gives Serena a glowing introduction
* Bob explains “one name” celebrity status
* Serena discussing if she considered retirement in recent years
* Serena talks fashion and commercials
* Serena cuts interview short
* Shannon talks about his love of NY Post

notes: non really. A prototypical athlete interview.

Segment 3 – Glen Healy

* Anthopolous and Pelley will be on show once trade is official
* discussion of exhibition games instead of negotiating
* Healy (and Bob) growing more pessimistic about talks.
* Healy says high profile players need to be involved
* Shannon says next move should be players
* Healy says it is owners.
* Healy says hockey in January
* Bob says hard-liners are gathering steam.
* Healy says both sides should have seen league as penny stock.

Notes: nothing you haven’t heard before.


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Darren Johnston
November 15, 2012 10:20 pm

Good review Alex, as I said on an earlier post the Serena opening was hard to listen to, Bob couldn’t have kissed her ass (could make a joke here but won’t) anymore. Then today was all tough guy claiming they knew she was going to cut the interview short to get back at them for bumping her the day before, typical useless interview as you said with an athlete.

November 15, 2012 10:47 pm

Regarding Serena, Bob was going on about how remarkable it was for an athlete to
consistently take time away from a sport and always come back as good or
better than before. Yes, it is remarkable, and kind of begs the
question (given the “athelticism” that Serena displays) how that would
be possible without a little…ahem…help.

November 16, 2012 3:10 pm

I find Bob’s “I’ve been saying that constantly” thing about Bonifacio being the possible dark horse of the deal amusing given that the day before this show, he didn’t even know who Bonifacio was, and asked Zaun what type of player he is.

(Another) Andrew
(Another) Andrew
November 16, 2012 4:07 pm
Reply to  Curt

Yes, anyone interested can google “Serena panic room”. Stuff like this is never talked about in the North American media but tennis fans around the world know all about it.

November 16, 2012 4:21 pm

I laugh at how our friend Cox has never questioned Serena in the same way he did with Bautista. There’s certainly much more “smoke” with Serena, but of course, tennis is Cox’s game…as well as hockey – both are pure as the driven snow.

November 16, 2012 4:37 pm
Reply to  Curt

Just as bob seems to never discuss ped use in golf, be it beta blockers or more *cough* Eldrick *cough*

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