Prime Time Sports Review – Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Prime Time Sports 14 November 2012

by Alex

4:00 hour – phone calls

* discussion of Blue Jays / Marlins trade

Notes: A caller suggests anthopolous be Leafs GM. remember when Bob stopped taking phone calls? those were the days.

5:00 hour John Shannon co-host

Segment 1 – Rob Becker

* discussion of bumping Serena for trade talk
* Shannon compares trade to Gilmour trade
* Bob and Shannon argue about preponderance of hockey talk
* Bob asks why Marlins fans were surprised
* discussion of Jeffrey Loria and fishiness of deal
* Becker says Loria “is slimeball but not fraudster”
* Bob brings us how fire sales have led to future titles in the past
* Discussion of how many major leaguers Marlins got in deal
* Bob says Expos 2002 lawsuit isn’t relevant.
* Bob says Expos were moved for not being successful, for whatever reasons
* Bob says Marlins catering to Hispanic audience
* Becker violently disagrees with idea of teams targeting ethnic fans
* Bob points out the Canadiens do it and Becker hates that too
* Shannon gives history lesson about Canadiens history
* Bob says Habs owners have to choose whether to market to English or French fans
* Becker compares it to NBA teams having token white players on bench
* Becker says teams can compromise winning by having ethnocentric rosters
* Shannon brings up Business potential if Nash had gone to Raptors
* Shannon discusses need for Habs to have bilingual coach

Notes: Does Bob not remember that Loria was not behind the 1997 fire sale in Miami? Becker on fire again with his ethnographic argument. I wonder if he knew about futbol teams that only sign certain ethnic or national players (chivas, athletic bilbao).

Segment 2 – Stephen Brunt

* grumbling about Bob and Brunt doing pre-tapes for TV
* Brunt brings up his roundtable prediction about Blue Jays making a big deal
* Shannon asks why Marlins were so bad last year
* Brunt mention convergence of Jays wanting to spend and Marlins to sell
* Discussion of current li e-up vs AL east
* Bob says this trade bigger than Carter/Alomar trade
* Shannon says deal makes team more attractive to potential managers
* Bob doesnt care who manager will be now
* Will former Marlins say good or bad things about Guillen?
* Brunt talks about fans relationship to Rogers
* Are Jays done with dealing?

Notes: Brunt is bullish on deal. Bob says he was only touting Guillen for comedy purposes.

segment 3 – open segment

* Will Serena call in next hour?
* Shannon talks about spending $$$ at Costco
* More trade talk

Notes: A Shannon story. Everyone loves those.

6:00 hour

Segment 1 – Jonah Keri, Grantland

* Bob recaps parameters of trade
* Shannon discusses 2012 year forMarlins
* Jonah gives capsules of Marlins players
* Jonah doesn’t think this elevates Jays into contention
* Jonah handicaps AL East race in 2013
* Jonah gives capsules of Jays players traded
* Bob asks if Loria can ask for patience
* Jonah says just look at 2012 Athletics
* Jonah compares Reyes to Escobar as all around SS
* Bob asks about Marlins acquiring Hispanic players
* Jonah poo poos idea around marketing around ethnic players
* Shannon says Marlins tried marketing around Guillen
* Jonah drops term “cultural anthropology”
* Jonah discusses attendance vs payrolls for 2013 Marlins

Notes: the idea of “marlins acquiring Hispanic players” seems to be the latest idea Bob will not let go, in discussing this trade. Jonah is almost too level headed to be a regular PTS guest.

Segment 2 – Serena Williams

* Bob gives Serena a glowing introduction
* Bob explains “one name” celebrity status
* Serena discussing if she considered retirement in recent years
* Serena talks fashion and commercials
* Serena cuts interview short
* Shannon talks about his love of NY Post

notes: non really. A prototypical athlete interview.

Segment 3 – Glen Healy

* Anthopolous and Pelley will be on show once trade is official
* discussion of exhibition games instead of negotiating
* Healy (and Bob) growing more pessimistic about talks.
* Healy says high profile players need to be involved
* Shannon says next move should be players
* Healy says it is owners.
* Healy says hockey in January
* Bob says hard-liners are gathering steam.
* Healy says both sides should have seen league as penny stock.

Notes: nothing you haven’t heard before.


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