Cybulski and Company Review – Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cybulski and Company Review, Wednesday 14 November 2012

by Alex

Co-host Bob Mackowycz

4:00 hour

Segment 1 – Jim Duquette, MLBN

* discussion of Blue Jays trade
* less than 3 minutes before mentioning Don Fehr
* Canadian fans enjoying karma on Jeffrey Loria
* Duquette cant recall deal this big involving 2 SP
* Discussion of potential Jays line-up and rotation
* Is the spending of $$$ good enough if results dont pan out?

Segment 2 – Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star

* Feschuk confuses Pointer Sisters and the Weather Girls
* Cybulski already thinking about getting season tickets
* Feschuk standards in Toronto are so low anything is good news
* Feschuk says Toronto always overreacts to trades (Phaneuf)

Segment 3 – Dave Feschuk

* Are Jays done making moves
* Bob says Jays/Marlins like reality TV couple
* Feschuk says fans will just as excited if Leafs get Luongo
* Clip of Brian Burke discussing Jays trade
* Was Anthopolous forced to make trade?
* Is there now pressure on Jays to win sooner than later?

Segment 4 – Dave Feschuk

* Comparison of Jays trade to Boston/LA trade
* Bob says trade changes image/perception of team
* Feschuk says big market cities expect deals like this regularly

5:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Bob McKenzie

* McKenzie had to ask his kids ifJays won the trade
* Comparison of trade with Alomar/Carter trade
* McKenzie brings up Gilmour trade
* Principles of no trade clauses in sports
* McKenzie says more trades in NHL in recent years even w no trades
* What is biggest trade in NHL that never happened?
* McKenzie says Yzerman to Ottawa

notes: good stories by McKenzie about being in Calgary when Gilmour trade happened and Yzerman trade that didn’t happen

segment 2 – Fab Five

1. Is this it for Jays in offseason?
2. What is biggest trade in Toronto history?
3. Who has more to complain about, Jays or Marlins fans?
4. bigger NFL backup story – Pittsburgh or Jets?
5. What should be focus of Olympic funding?

Segment 3 – Keith Law, ESPN

* Law says no worries about trade being voided
* Law thinks calling it a baseball trade is foolish
* Law discusses AL East – Tampa is probably favorite
* Law compares Reyes to Michael Borne
* Discussion of jays line-up and potential pitfalls
* Discussion Of overabundance of catchers
* Law handicaps manager search
* Discussion of Marlins fire sale
* Law says Nicolino  is one prospect Jays might regret trading

Notes: good, measured analyst by Law

Segment 4 – Bob Nightengale, USA Today

* Nightengale called trade “a Ponzi scheme” by Marlins
* Nightengale says they didn’t plan to dump all along
* Discussion of Selig being able to void trade
* Cybulski somehow draw connection to Bosh to Miami

Notes: not much here you’ve not heard already. Another bizarre analogy by Cybulski, saying trade is payback for Heat stealing Chris Bosh

6:00 Hour

segment 1 – Dan Shulman, ESPN

* Shulman talks about hearing news while doing basketball game
* Shulman discusses Buehrle,  Reyes, Johson, Bonafacio
* What do Jays need to do to compete for AL East?
* Does trade give credibility back to Jays?
* Shulman hopes this means a sunday night home game on espn
* Manager search
* Shulman says last time Jays were this relevant was signing Clemens

Notes: Shulman brings good perspective to deal. Bringing good analysis of trade.

Segment 2 –

* Bob says best time in Toronto since Burke was hired

segment 3 – phone calls

Segment 4 – phone calls

Notes: two segments of phone calls? I guess if you’re going up against the national hour of Prime Time, why waste good baseball guests other than Shulman, who is a must on a day like this?

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