Prime Time Sports Review – Friday 16 November 2012

Prime Time Sports – Friday, 16 November 2012

by Alex

4:00 Hour – phone calls

* Bob says Reyes needing to do physical is hold up to trade approval
* Bob thinks Cabrera could be bigger addition than anyone in trade
* Bob again touts Guillen as his manager choice

Notes: biggest news this hour for me is the board op using The Cure as bumper music.

5:00 Hour – Roundtable w John Shannon, Dave Perkins, Tim Micallef

Segment 1 – Blue Jays moves

* update on Shannon’s parking ticket
* Discussion of Trade and Cabrera signing
* Perkins gives brief history of Cabrera’s career
* Perkins says Jays probably not done
* “they have more money than Yoko Ono” – Perkins on Rogers
* Bob says Jays already had open wallet before The trade
* Perkins says success of Orioles may have spurned Jays to spend
* Bob wants to package Rasmus/Arencebia for pitcher/2B
* Buehrle and dog issue
* Future of returning young SPs
* Marco Scutaro – yea or nay
* bodog drops Jays odds to 11-1
* Bob asks if we could see 50,000 at Skydome next year

Notes: Good thing Perkins is there today to bring actual baseball facts.

Segment 2 – Raptors talk

* discussion of Andre Bargnani
* discussion of Landry Fields

Notes: passive listening while eating. Nothing to add

Segment 3 – Marlins fire sale

* Do Marlins fans have right to complain?
* Perkins says they deserve it for trusting Loria
* Bob again says Marlins have 2 more titles than Jays in last 15 years

Notes: bob still thinks Loria owned the Marlins when they won both World Series. Can someone remind him about Wayne Huizenga?

6:00 hour -Roundtable continues

segment 1 – Jays moves

* Clip of Anthopolous from September discussing signing Cabrera
* discussion of giving second chances
* Perkins explains details of Cabrera- Giants relationship
* How do deals change who should be manager?
* Shannon throws out Torre, Cox, LaRussa
* Perkins said to AA that team should have Latin manager. AA disagreed.
* More Guillen talk

Notes: bob dismisses Guillen’s comments about Castro, but never seems to bring up his use of homophobic slurs, for which he crucified Escobar.

Segment 2 – CFL playoffs

* Drew Tate concussion story
* CFL policy vs NFL policy
* Shannon brings up CHL concussion policy
* preview of CFL semi-finals
* Bob says Bieber is getting $0 to play at halftime
* Consensus is BC vs Montreal final
* Bob wants Braley Bowl for humor sake

Notes: bob’s Anti CFL agenda continues

segment 3 – Prime Time Bullets

* lockout talks take 2 weeks off
* Colts vs Patriots
* AL MVP talk.
* Perkins would have voted for Trout.

Notes: good roundtable. Barely any lockout talk, Shannon mostly behaved.


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