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Some random thoughts following an incredibly lazy weekend:

If you haven’t seen the new Bond flick, Skyfall, you are missing out on good entertainment. I love how the entire franchise gets reset in the movie. It’s not all about awesome gadgets, there’s actually some decent dialogue and the action is pretty damn good too.

Can anyone else hear Mike Toth yelling at people on the radio for celebrating the Argo’s birth in the Grey Cup? “I can’t believe fans are going out, or even excited. Where the hell where they all year?”

Good on the Argo’s. I have no clue where they were in the pre-season polls, but they have managed to make it to the big game in it’s biggest year and when it’s at home even. I’ll admit it. I can’t name more than 1-2 players on the team. Good on them.

I tried to watch today’s game. Honest I did. NBC’s sports network was actually covering the game. Unfortunately, they aired it at 8:30pm PST SEVERAL hours after the game was played. Shame on me for turning on Twitter today and seeing half my followers tweeting about the game.

Interesting thing about these Blue Jays. Or at least those who cover major league baseball. I’d say those who cover them in Toronto but, I digress. Couple of questions for you.

First, why do you think some of the best writers in baseball have either so much information on the Jays and/or devote so much attention to the only team in Canada? Honestly, follow the regular postings of the top writers on the Fox, SI and other outlets in the USA and there is an astounding amount of coverage on the only team that plays it’s home games in Canada. My question is, why is that.

Secondly, I find it incredible how quickly the same reporters who heap praise on the Blue Jays turn around and dump on them. Have you see all those “not so fast” articles of late? With the exception of a few callers to Wilner’s shows, how many real fans are saying the Blue Jays have won anything? Why the instant rain on our “parade”?

None of what AA has done guarantees any more wins. Here is what it does guarantee. The good will that the franchise earned earlier this past season that was dead at the end of the year is back. The fans clearly were in the “show me” phase. Rogers and the Blue Jays have put up. They have shown that they may actually care. Friends of mine who said they haven’t gone to the Skydome in over 10 years are now actually looking at 40 game flex plans. No, no guarantees that the team will win a single game more than they did this past season. They have bought back some good will and at the same time some excitement. Shame on us for getting excited.

“The answer is to drop the floor, either to a percentage of the ceiling, or to $10 million to $12 million below the midpoint as compared to the previous $8 million. The object shouldn’t be to limit how much a team might spend, but to limit how much a team must spend.”

He is the most anti-league, pro union writers in the game, but Larry Brooks has nailed the single biggest issue in the NHL economics of today. The problem wasn’t the cap going up. It was the floor going up, way up over where the original cap was. How the hell do the troubled markets compete when they have to spend more year after than there revenues increase? The cap was supposed to control the gap between the haves and the have nots. The floor was supposed to keep teams honest from not spending. That one mechanism is flawed. Unless the league fixes it the problem will continue on and on.

Things appear to be looking up in Edmonton this non-hockey season. You can’t make this stuff up can you?

First it was Allan Trammel. Now it’s Mike Hargrove. Who’s next on Bob Elliott’s Blue Jays Manager list?

While out and about today I stumbled upon a demo version of the new Blackberry 10. It looks IDENTICAL to the newest Apple Iphone 5. I mean total rip off. The version I played with was the one without a keyboard. It was the most anti-blackberry I have ever played with. Forget the bugginess of the device, it’s only a demo I got to experience, it was so boring. Honestly, there was nothing about it that me think for a second anyone would want one over the current offerings from any of the Android manufacturers, Windows 8 manufacturers or the Iphone. Blah and boring. That’s how I would describe it.

I came home the other night to find Mrs. TSM checking out the Katie Couric show. Who was on? Dr. Phil and the Ashley Madison guy. It’s must see tv. Hilarious stuff folks.

Happy Monday


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November 19, 2012 5:39 am

“Secondly, I find it incredible how quickly the same reporters who heap
praise on the Blue Jays turn around and dump on them. Have you see all
those “not so fast” articles of late? With the exception of a few
callers to Wilner’s shows, how many real fans are saying the Blue Jays
have won anything? Why the instant rain on our “parade”?”

This is something I’ve seen in terms of the Leafs too, and Raptors and pretty much every Toronto team. In the comments of any article about a minor signing the Leafs did, there are all sorts of “plan the parade!” and “Leaf fans seriously think this will win them a cup!?” and stuff like that, when nobody’s said such a thing.
I also think the attitude among some media people that they need to be “smarter” than fans (or what they think fans would think) adds to this, and they create strawman arguments like “fans think they’re going to win the world series but HOLD ON” etc…

mike in boston
mike in boston
November 19, 2012 8:14 am

I also think the attitude among some media people that they need to be “smarter” than fans (or what they think fans would think) adds to this

Agree with Ami 100%. There are plenty of media types whose main trope is to solicit or invent the worst arguments, and then deliver stunning refutations. Given how much intelligent discussion there is online, I’m not sure why anyone bothers reading or listening to this dreck. It’s transparent and lazy, and i wish there were a way of punishing editors who approve this crap.

Second, this is one of the consequences of the 24/7 content void that needs filling. I listened to a few minutes of Tim&Sid this week and the topic was “what if Bud Selig voids this trade!!!” No one really believes that’s going to happen, yet they spent the better part of an hour (i think … i fast-forwarded through most of it) on it. Lame.

mike in boston
mike in boston
November 19, 2012 8:20 am

memo to TSN RADIO: once you finish with the CFL season, please devote some time to finding a full time person to cover the Jays in 2013.

Find someone who will go to all home games, host a post-game show (or join the existing night show as a co-host after Jays games), and do daily updates and stories on the team. That person is not Scott Ferguson.

November 19, 2012 8:42 am
Reply to  mike in boston

Ive come to notice a lot of padding on tim and sid. Im alao not a fan of teasing a story for 2 or 3 segments and finally doing it hurredly in top of hour segment.

November 19, 2012 9:34 am
Reply to  Alex

I always love when Tim alludes to a breaking story and then says “we’ll let you know what it is after the break.” Because no one has the Internet and can’t consult Twitter to see what’s breaking for themselves. Personally I flick over to TSN Radio when Tim and Sid come on. I find Bryan Hayes doesn’t try to be funny and when he is, it seems more natural.

November 19, 2012 9:46 am
Reply to  Carl

Even better, the update usually has the story too. Are they trying not to upstage Barb?

November 19, 2012 1:08 pm

How can you say “Good on the Argos” yet also admit to not knowing names of at least one Argo? That just illustrates how far down the sporting landscape the Argo’s (and perhaps the CFL) have fallen in Toronto when the editor/author of a website dedicated to analyzing the sports media in Toronto can’t name 1 player on the roster of the Toronto Argonauts.
In my opinion, this just speaks to how poorly the team has marketed itself in the Toronto area. Good on the Argo’s? Hardly.

November 19, 2012 6:49 pm
Reply to  mike in boston

That person IS Scott Ferguson. Very knowledgeable and a nice guy. If you want an arrogant know-it-all like Wilner, you can have him.

November 19, 2012 9:48 pm
Reply to  mike in boston


mike in boston
mike in boston
November 20, 2012 9:36 am
Reply to  Ryan

nice guy? absolutely. Knowledgeable? we can debate that, but my impression is that he’s a guy who still believes Joe Carter was one of the best clean-up hitters in Jays history.

the real problem is that he’s a TSN update guy now, not a beat reporter. I want someone who is at every home game, in the clubhouse after wins and losses, and talking to guys at batting practice. I want a guy who can come on after every game and talk for 2 hours, and take calls. that person was Scott Ferguson 20 years ago. Time for someone new.

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