Blue Jays One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back


Well, this is interesting isn’t it.

Either the hall of fame writer has hit the jackpot of baseball scoops or it’s a sad error that hopefully won’t blur an otherwise stellar career.

Bob Elliott who’s been throwing as many names on the Toronto Blue Jays managerial board as anyone has arrived at a conclusion, that’s not sitting well right now.

John Gibbons to be named as Blue Jays manager tomorrow.


As much as I respect Elliott, I really hope he’s wrong this time.

Nothing against Gibbons personally, I don’t know him personally, but it’s hard to belive that the answer to the Blue Jays managerial question is a guy who failed to get another MLB managerial job since being fired in Toronto.

Yeah, yeah, yeah Neither did Cito.

When Cito was re-hired, he had credibility.

Cito had won, not 1 but two times.

This guy hasn’t won anything. He failed before.

He wasn’t even in the major leagues last year.

Perhaps I am alone on this, but this is an instant pop in the balloon of excitement I had been feeling about the upcoming season.

An unimaginative hire by the Jays. A minor league move.

I can’t believe there wasn’t anyone better out there.

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