Cybulski and Company – Monday 19 November 2012

Cybulski and Company – Monday 19 November 2012

by Alex

Co-host Bob Mackowycz, Guest Co-host Bruce Arthur
Live from Rogers Center

4:00 hour

Segment 1 – CFL talk

* wearing shorts in the winter
* Bruce is anti  Movember but pro Beard-cember
* Cybulski makes an obscure comic book reference
* CFL playoff talk

Notes: love the reference to the grey gargoyle by Cybulski.

Segment 2 – lockout talk

* Bruce calls Cybulski on his dismissal of Snider article
* discussion of White and Versteeg comments
* Bettman emnity
* clip of Versteeg from TSN Radio
* Bruce suggests explaining NHL growth to Versteeg

Notes: Glad Arthur called Cybulski on dismissing the Ed Snider story just because Snider denied it.

Segment 3 – Blue Jays trade official

* Cybulski reads Selig statement as generic old man (groan)
* Bruce kills Selig motion while saying “wanky wanky motion”
* Bruce and Cybulski argue over economic impact of stadiums
* Bruce asks if quality of life forTorontonians would be better without sports

notes: Cybulski needs to read better economists if he is still buying into the “stadiums help economic growth to a downtown area” in 2012.

Segment 4 – Fab Five

1. Is Argos Grey Cup win the end of Toronto sports drought?
2. Are new Jays closer to late 80s or early 90s teams?
3. Who decided about GSP/Silva fight? GSP or Dana White?
4.  Predicting outcome of Lockout talks ?
5. Prohibitions in athletes contracts?

5:00 Hour

Segment 1 – Bob McKenzie

* Discussion of Ed Snider story
* Discussion of Versteeg quotes
*McKenzie says Versteeg’s grandmother called him “Verbitch”
* McKenzie says he’d prefer players criticizing owner, not Bettman
* McKenzie says quotes will galvanize owners
* Arthur points out Bob again said there will not be a season

Notes: both sides are slinging mud.

Segment 2 – Jose Bautista reaction

* clips of Bautista from Cabbie podcast
* Arthur wonders if trade will keep Bautista happy
* Cybulski brings up addition of Latin players in trade

Segment 3 – Ricky Ray, Argo QB

* How did Ricky celebrate after win?
* Arthur asks about team’s roller coaster season
* Ricky says team has been loose all season
* has last year now been worth it?
* preview of the game on Sunday
* can players enjoy the grey cup week festivities?
* Arthur says Ray is Argos best QB since Flutie
* Bob wonders if it was beginning of the end for Calvillo

Segment 4 – CFL MOP vote

* Chad Owens vs John Cornish
* Cybulski thinks voters will vote for the Canadian
* chad owens vs pinball

6:00 hour

Segment 1 – Herman Edwards

* preview MNF
* Can Dallas win division?
* Herm cant explain Houston/jax game

Segment 2 – UFC 154 in Montreal

* Recap GSP vs Condit
* potential GSP vs Silva fight

Notes: I’m a lapsed MMA follower, so don’t really care about GSP vs Silva, although the novelty of the fight being in Cowboys Stadium is intriguing.

Segment 3 – Argos talk

* Problems of Argos playing in Skydome
* Cybulski compares Skydome to buying a Rubick’s Cube
* are Argos minor league team in major league city?
* Argos, new stadium and BMO field
* Argos missing chance to play on campus
* Would Bell, Rogers or MLSE buy Argos?
* Bruce complains about price of BC Place
* Bob remembers when the Argos mattered
* Cal/BC ratings beat Tor/Montreal

Notes: surprised no one brought up vertical integration of Bell buying Argos.

There might have been more CFL/Grey Cup talk on this show than all month on Prime Time.

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