Prime Time Sports – Monday, 19 November 2012

Prime Time Sports – Monday,  19 November 2012

by Alex

4:00 hour phone calls

5:00 hour Co-host Stephen Brunt

Segment 1 – Open segment

* Discussion of Jays trade being approved
* Bob says Selig statement was  just for PR
* Discussion of Jose Reyes trip to Dubai
* Brunt discussion his Louisiana fishing trip
* Brunt was not a fan of bacon-covered doughnut
* Brunt went on a swamp tour
* Discussion of weekend football
* Bob calls Braley owning 2 teams “an embarrassment”
* Bob wonders just how popular Argos are in Toronto
* New stadium for Argos at York University?

notes: If Ami were doing this, I’m sure she would wax rhapsodic about Brunt’s fishing trip. also more CFL negativity from Bob.

Segment 2 – Don Banks, SI

* Don’s headline : “no great NFL teams this year”
* discussion of Atlanta and Houston wins
* Can there be a great team by February?
* Bob thinks Green Bay is best team right now
* Are Thursday night games wearing down teams?
* Don puts out idea of teams playing Thursday after a bye week
* Charlie Batch back at QB for Steelers?
* Bob is no fan of Steelers bumblebee uniforms

Notes: as someone mentioned in Mondays notes, Bob must not have known this was Pittsburgh’s second game in the throwback jerseys.

Segment 3 – Frank Seravalli, Philly Daily News

* Discussion of Frank’s story about Ed Snider & Bettman’s reaction
* Frank says he would tarnish his reputation by “fabricating” a story
* Frank says Snider was pro-lockout and flipped over lockout length
* Brunt says this kind of story rankles Gary more than most
* Frank was surprised gag order was lifted for Snider to refute story

Notes: i expected more Anti-Gary sentiment from Bob in this segment.

6:00 hour co-host Stephen Brunt

Segment 1 – Gregg Zaun

* Zaun reaction to trade
* Zaun discusses what to do with all the catchers
* Zaun discusses potential batting order
* Discussion of Josh Johnson not wanting to be in Toronto
* Zaun calls trade incredibly-lopsided
* Bob says if Johnson walks, Drabek & Hutchinson will be returning in 2014
* Zaun says not to count on either returning
* Zaun says Jays can spend like Yankees if they wanted
* Brunt asks about manager search
* Zaun thinks Matt Williams should be manager
* Bob doesn’t want first time manager.
* Zaun says team needs strong manager
* Zaun says Cabrera is an upgrade but overpaid
* Zaun says Reyes will have 20 HR, 40 SB as leadoff hitter

Notes: listening to manager talk hours after the announcement of Gibbons seems counter-productive.

Segment 2 – Gene Orza, former MLBPA official

* Orza says no doubt Jays/Marlins trade would be approved
* Orza says Marlins history is bigger issue
* Orza says he’s known Fehr for 30 years and doesn’t understand him
* Orza says MLB labor peace is because they stopped trying to get salary cap
* Orza says its a myth to call Fehr a “svengali”
* Bob asks is greatest pressure for done deal coming now?

Notes: Even though he said everything you expected he would, Orza was an informed guest and one with experience to discuss what negotiations are like in the room.

Segment 3 – Ricky Romero

* Romero’s first reaction – “whoa, is this real?”
* Brunt asks if “change was in the air” after the season
* Romero says yes, but Farrell story could him off guard
* Romero looking forward to pitching w Johnson and Buehrle
* Romero doesnt care where he pitches in rotation
* Romero says elbow is fine, today was first day of working out
* Romero says he should be ready by spring training

notes: Romero said pretty much what you would expect.


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